With the best ziplines, you have a great opportunity to lure your kids away from playing with their screens all the time. Playing with ziplines helps give your little one a sense of adventure, good exercise, and some fresh air. However, along with proper adult supervision, you should ensure you purchase the best ziplines for your kids to ensure their safety. Other key factors to watch out for are safety, durability, price, length, ease of installation, and comfort. Below are the best 4 ziplines for kids available on the market. These ziplines for kids will give them all the fun they want while ensuring their safety.

Jugader 160 ft. Zipline Kit

This zipline comes with everything you need for a complete installation. It comes with a tensioning wrench and a cable tensioning kit. Likewise, there’s soft tubing that goes onto the cable anchor points to help protect your trees. There is also a 160-foot main cable, as well as a 6 ½ foot sling cable to go around your upper anchor tree.

Furthermore, in this kit, you will find a spring brake and all the hardware you might need to erect your zipline. And since the steel trolley can be taken off the cable without taking down the whole zipline, you can remove the trolley if you don’t want your kids to use it in your absence. In addition, for added safety, this zipline has an adjustable harness included in the kit. This harness lets you clip the one riding (rider) to the trolley, thereby preventing a fall to the ground should they let go of the handles or slip from the seat.

Reasons to buy

Provides a tree protection feature.

Comes with a removable trolley.

It has an adjustable safety harness.

Slackers 70ft Hawk Series Zipline

If you are looking for a zipline that is easy to install, you might find this one cool enough. This kid zipline from Slackers is simple to install. The 70 ft. Hawk series zipline takes two people approximately 30 minutes to put up. For installation, you will need a pair of pliers and a wrench. It has a plastic seat with adjustable height that is comfortable and easy to climb on and off. The spring on the cable helps slow the rider down as they get to the end, thus, preventing your kid from coming to a sudden hard stop. In addition, Slackers 70 Foot Hawk Series Zipline comes with clear instructions for installation and an included spring brake.

Reasons to buy

It is made of excellent quality materials.

Simple and straightforward to install.

It comes with a spring brake.

Slackers 100ft LED Night Riderz

With Slackers 100 ft. LED Night Riderz, your kid can keep enjoying the fun of the zipper even when the sun sets, as long as there is proper adult supervision. The zipline trolley, the piece that runs along the cable, and the seat, has bright enough LEDs during the day and when the light is low. The light on both the seat and the trolley can be turned off. It comes with clearly explained instructions for installation and use. In addition, it also has a comprehensive safety guide. This guide tells how to inspect the zipline, guidance for riders, and safety. However, one thing that might seem to be an issue is that the spring brake does not provide a slow, gentle stop.

Reasons to buy

It comes with clear instructions.

It has a comprehensive safety guide.

The seat and trolley have LEDs.

American Ninja Warrior 50 ft. Zipline

Although on the shorter side, this 50 ft. zipline is endorsed by the American Ninja Warrior show. This will make a good pick for younger or beginner zipliners. The kid zipline is easy to install and will take about 30 minutes to put up if two adults are work on it. The included instructions are written in such a way that might require you to read ahead before installation, so it is advised you read through all of the directions before you begin. Although the foot measurement is said to be 50, that might be deceiving as many reviewers note that it is a 45 ft. cable with a 5- feet sling cable that goes around a tree. So you might need to put this in mind when you measure your distance.

Reasons to buy

It is easy to install

It exceeds U.S safety standards

Its American Ninja Warrior brand


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