A good pair of yoga pants is one that every yogi pregnant mom has will love and find comfort in during their pregnancy periods and even after their little cutie has arrived, in the years immediately following. They are flattering, comfy and nonrestrictive, and can even be stylish when paired with the right top. However, as advised before buying any products, there are always some factors or features you should watch out for. You should consider factors like comfort, support, cost, fabric, ease, forgiving (meaning they have no button or zipper to constantly remind you of weight gain), and movement. Below are the best pregnancy yoga pants to match your style and keep you comfy throughout your pregnancy.

Beachcoco Fold Over Lounge Pants

Beachcoco Fold Over Lounge Pants is 95 percent cotton with a little touch of spandex. These functional pregnancy yoga pants are comfortable for use and give the needed support. They are lightweight pants with a slight flare at the bottom. As a result, they provide a flattering outline that makes it different from leggings or workout pants. In addition, you can wear these multifunctional yoga pants in different situations, aside from exercise. Besides that, they are available in various colors, both neutral colors, and bold colored belly bands. The neutral colors allow easy conversion into regular trousers, while the bold-colored belly band will entice those who want extra fun. Beachcoco Fold Over Lounge Pants are available up to size 3XL, easy to wash and maintain.

Evacus Versatile Lounge Pants

These pregnancy yoga pants are made of rayon and spandex. The roomy, wide-leg construct flows all the way down. As a result, your legs get more room for comfort and a visually slimming effect. And because there is less contact between the fabric and your skin, there are little chances of skin sensitivity, itching, and chafing, especially during those last months of pregnancy. Evacus Versatile Lounge Pants will last you all through your trimesters and beyond. You can wear them above the belly or fold down under the belly to best suit you.

Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri

Are you a fan of quality and versatility? Then you have this one. These high-quality and versatile yoga pants come with a four-way belly panel, which many yoga pants do not have. This is to help provide extra support in all directions as your belly grows. It is designed with pregnant moms’ comfort in mind because the stitching is made to lay flat to reduce the chances of uncomfortable chafing. During the early stages of pregnancy or postnatal period, you can roll down the panel because you need lesser support for more comfort. Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri is designed to serve you during pregnancy, postnatal, and nursing.

Motherhood Petite Secret Fit Yoga Pants

There is always something for everyone. These pregnancy yoga pants by Motherhood are specially designed for pregnant moms of short stature. The cotton and spandex pregnancy yoga pants come with boot-cut to help create an extra space for your ankles when they are swollen during pregnancy, giving visual balancing to your look. Motherhood Petite Secret Fit Yoga Pants are comfortable for use and also provide the needed support. They can be used during pregnancy and beyond. In addition, they are machine washable and easy to maintain.

HDE Lounge Pregnancy Pants

HDE Lounge Pregnancy Pants are 95 percent cotton with 5 percent spandex. These pregnancy pants give you that soft stretch you need. It comes with a slight flare at the bottom for more room at the ankle region and gives visual balance to your frame. HDE Lounge Pregnancy Pants give expecting moms the comfort and support they need. In addition, these fun yoga pants come with a colored belly band to give pregnant moms that extra color pop. Besides that, it fits all seasons, and you can wear it even after delivery.

Beachcoco Knee Cropped Active Lounge Pants

This affordable option is not only light on your wallet but also tender on your skin. It is 95 percent cotton with just a hint of spandex for a soft, comfy stretch. Aside from being wallet-friendly, they are also super functional, and you won’t regret opting for them because they are not costly. In addition, they come with a flattering belly band that allows you to wear them either above your belly or fold down below your belly, in either way that best suits you. Beachcoco Knee Cropped Active Lounge Pants will give you all the needed comfort through the warmer months, plus support during your trimesters. Like every good yoga pants, they are machine washable.


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