The sight of smelly, stinky, and ruined shoes can be worrisome and frustrating. It can be particularly frustrating if you try to balance between the budget of getting a new pair of shoes, your kid’s safety, and the ease of getting the soiled clean. But worry no more; good water shoes for kids can be great stress relievers. If your kids love jumping in puddles or love the sight of the beach, then you might want to opt for water shoes. Water shoes for kids will help protect their feet. They’ll provide your child with a barrier between their tender feet and hazards located in or around water.

In addition, because they are made with rubber bottoms, this prevents them from slipping. Even when water shoes for kids are made explicitly for wear in and around water, they will make a perfect all-around shoe for active kids. Below are the top 5 versatile and functional water shoes for kids.

Stride Rite Phibian Kids Aqua Shoes

These very versatile water shoes for kids are made out of rubber and quick-dry synthetic fabric, meaning they have the durability of a water shoe and the functionality of an athletic shoe. These shoes are constructed just like a regular kid shoe, so they have proper ankle and arch support. They come with an antimicrobial lining that will prevent bacteria from growing in them and keep them from smelling if they get wet. 

In addition, the rubber soles are non-slipping, and the closed-toe means that your little ones have their feet and toes well protected. They are very durable and easy to wash. With Stride Rite Phibian Kids Aqua Shoes on your little one’s feet, you can be confident they are safe and comfortable. They are available in many varieties of colors, so you will indeed find one that your little one will love.

Reasons to buy

They are versatile and durable

They won’t smell when wet.

Available in many different colors.

Keen Newport H2 Kids Water Sandals

Keen Newport H2 Kids Water Sandals provide quality protection on both the sole and the toe. The shoe’s bottom is also built to look more like an athletic shoe or boot for better grip. The company has a strong reputation because they have long been the powerhouse of the water shoe industry. You can adjust each shoe with both an elastic lace and a velcro closure for a comfortable fit. In addition, the quick-dry fabric has built-in odor-controlling technology to help prevent the shoe from smelling when wet. Besides that, the shoes provide unique anatomical support with a removable footbed, thus, keeping your little one comfy even if they have been running all day. 

Reasons to buy

Adjustable for a snug fit

They have odor-controlling technology

They have thick, sporty soles and are durable

iPlay Kids Water Shoes

These water shoes for kids are made of quick-dry neoprene that won’t go smelly or moldy, coupled with breathable mesh on the uppers. These features allow the air to circulate properly around your little one’s foot, even when wet. The shoes’ bases are made of rubber and a protective non-slip sole to ensure a good grip. That way, your kid’s feet will be well-protected from falls on most slippery surfaces. In addition, the built-in pull tab and elasticity of the shoe allow for easy on and off. They are available in a variety of different colors.

Reasons to buy

They have a protective sole.

They come in many different colors.

There’s a handy loop for easy pull-on.

They won’t smell even when wet

Fresko Kids Water Shoes for Toddlers

Are you looking for a water shoe for your kids with a waterproof upper part, skin-tight protection from sand, and a skid-proof sole that’s thin enough to feel the ground beneath but thick enough to offer protection? Then Fresko Kids Water Shoes for Toddlers might just be what you are looking for. These shoes will give your little one all the protection without feeling too bulky. This means they can have it on all day without having the urge to pull it off. The upper is made of water-resistant and quick-dry neoprene. An elastic fit with velcro closure makes them easy to put on for your kid and even you. In addition, they also offer extra toe protection, and they are very versatile and great to wear in various places. Fresko Kids Water Shoes for Toddlers fit snug around the ankle to keep out sand.

Reasons to buy

They are machine washable

Sturdy and flexible

They provide toe protection

SUIEK Infant Water Shoes

If you are looking for water shoes for your child who is just learning to walk, here is one. These water shoes come with thinner soles that provide protection against hot sand and other dangerous obstacles without being too heavy to lift by your little early walker. They are made of quick-dry, water-resistant neoprene. The shoe stretches to give room for your little one’s foot but retract to stay snugly in place when their foot is in. These shoes are light enough to float, meaning it won’t be hard to retrieve them if they get into the water.

Reasons to buy

Suitable for early walkers

They are waterproof and float on water

They protect from the hot sand

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