Best Vegan Protein Bars For Total Health

Best Vegan Protein Bars For Total Health

Vegan protein bars have made eating healthy (anywhere or anytime) better. These useful products are made with vegan-friendly protein powders and natural ingredients such as fruits, nut butter, and seeds. These ingredients are easier on the tummy and ideal for your weight loss goal than chemical-filled products. Also, these vegan protein bars are better than whey-spiked bars because whey-spiked bars are animal-based protein, which can sometimes cause bloating. Getting the best vegan protein bars with sufficient counts of muscle-building protein and no more than 16 grams of sugar can be very hard ( because most plant-based bars rely on fruit, honey, and nectar to make up their bulk and binding). However, below are the best vegan protein bars for healthier eating on the go. 

Picky Bars

These excellent vegan protein bars were created by a pro-athlete couple Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman, for those who want a nutritious whole food to help provide long-lasting energy. Picky bars balance the sweetness of fruit and chocolate with the salty, savory flavor of nuts. Each bar has a moist taste that doesn’t crumble easily and is dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, making it ideal for everyone, including people with allergies or sensitivities to those foods. Depending on the flavor you choose, this protein bar burns calories ranging from 200-250, the protein hovers around 6-7 grams, carbs at 28g, and added sugar 4-6 grams. Though not all are vegan, they’ve plant-based flavor in them.

88 Acres Protein Bars

The 88 Acres Protein Bars are ideal plant-based protein options for people that don’t fancy eating nuts (a common source of protein and fat). You’ll love the seeds in them as they contain 12g of protein, 15g carbs, and 260 calories, which offers energy and protein without any nuts. Each bar is packed with pumpkin seeds ( which gives a definite crunch that balances the soft overall makeup of these bars). Besides that, each bar has the essence of a real banana taste that you’ll find in candy or artificial banana treats. In addition, there are different flavors of this protein bar, such as dark chocolate, cranberry orange, and triple berry blend. Overall, the 88 Acres Protein Bars are great for people who love bananas or chocolate and aren’t afraid of a seedy crunch.

Skout Organic Protein Bars

The Skout Organic Protein Bars have a lighter texture than most standard protein bars in the market but are chewy and sweet. Most parts of each protein bar have pumpkin and sunflower seeds that offer a subtle crunch, while the remaining part is made of dates(which makes it softer). In addition, each bar has 250 calories, 10g of protein, 27-30g carbs, and 0g added sugar, which makes it an excellent choice for people who don’t eat sugar. The Chocolate Cherry flavor is juicy and fresh compared to other fruit-forward bars.

Zing Bar

Despite its health focus, this nutritious protein bar is tasty but still places emphasis on good carbs, good fats, protein, and fiber. It’s a long-type bar making it easy to eat with one hand while doing other activities like hiking or biking. The zing bar is made of a lot of ingredients, but it has an extra health punch from items like prebiotic tapioca fiber and rice protein concentrate. It has close to 22g carbohydrates, 12g protein, 5g of added sugar, and 210 calories, making this bar best suited for refuel and high-endurance activities like long bike rides or backpacking trips. 

Protein Puck

This excellent gluten-free and vegan bar is specifically made to help refuel you on your various daily activities and adventures, such as backpacking trips and day-long bike rides. Protein Puck runs around 400 calories with 20-30g carbs, 13g protein, and 5-9g added sugar. This bar is thick though not very sweet, but the taste and texture are a lot like a bowl of oatmeal, making it a good choice for a lover of morning porridge.

 Bobo’s Bars

These bars are ideal for adventures because they’re hearty and gluten-free. Each serving of these bars, i.e., half a bar, contains 170-180 calories, 28-31g carbohydrates, 8-10g sugar, and 3g protein, depending on the flavor. Each bar is made with brown rice syrup and a base of organic, whole-grain, gluten-free oats. It’s advised to stick to the half-bar serving size so as to not eat 20g added sugar in one snack. These protein bars are uniform and soft, making them a top choice for picky eaters or anyone who wants something simple, and kids tend to love them too.

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