What are travel cribs?

Whether for a short vacation or a long vacation, your child needs the right equipment to help them feel at home wherever they are. A good travel crib will help keep your baby safe and comfortable throughout your vacation. As vacation might seem inevitable and paramount to give your child the needed rest, a travel crib is necessary to help actualize that. A travel crib is a lightweight option that comes with a portable crib or playard, easy to fold, fit into a small space, but sturdy enough to use daily. In addition to that, you want to ensure it has quality mesh netting that allows you to see your little ones as they play or sleep without disturbing them.

Why Travel Cribs?

Because it won’t be convenient to transport or move their normal standard crib around, a travel crib can give your baby somewhere safe and secure to sleep. Likewise, travel cribs help them stay calm and give them a peaceful night’s sleep even when you are on vacation, hence, giving them the pleasure of home away from home. Aside from giving your baby a sound sleep, a travel crib is also an excellent playpen, where your little ones can play with their toys. This means you can have enough time to yourself while your baby also enjoys his/her playtime. It can also serve as an additional bed at home.

A travel crib is a convenient alternative to the standard wooden crib your baby may use at home. Travel cribs are usually made from durable and breathable materials. So, in selecting a travel crib of your choice, you might want to consider cost, size, and weight, your baby’s age, safety and comfort, lightweight, portability, durability, and materials used. The travel cribs mentioned below are unique for their portability and durability. Likewise, they provide a peaceful, safe space for your baby to sleep and play in.

4moms Breeze Plus Travel Crib

This lightweight and portable travel crib is easy to clean and maintain. It is made of breathable fabrics that help keep the crib neat and hygienic. It also has mesh sidewalls that allow easy viewing from all angles. The travel crib is suitable for newborns right to 30 pounds weight and 35 inches in height. It is convenient for day-time playing, a short nap, or overnight sleeping. 4moms Breeze Plus Travel Crib comes in unisex designs and colors, making it a good pick for both genders. It is easy to set-up and closes with just one push. This travel crib comes with an 18 pounds bassinet and a changing station of the same weight limit. It serves more than one purpose with durable materials that can last you for a long time.

BabyBjörn Travel Crib

This beautifully made travel crib is suitable for accommodating newborns up to age 3. This travel crib comes with breathable mesh sides that give room for air to circulate and give you a clear view of your baby from any angle, a firm and extra- comfy mattress that sits directly on the floor. Hence, there is no upper weight limit on this crib. The crib helps support babies of all sizes. This lightweight travel crib is easy to assemble and dismantled, comfortable for use and carry. You can use it as a safe play space for your baby and help your baby learn how to stand without falling. The removable mattress cover and crib fabric are machine-washable. It is free of any harsh chemicals. The carrying bag can accommodate more things other than the travel crib like a crib sheet, baby toys, or your selected baby blanket.

Lotus Guava Travel Crib

This travel crib gives your baby the needed space to play, crawl and sleep. It comes with a comfortable waterproof mattress that allows your baby to sleep peacefully and play. This Green Guard Gold certified non-toxic, lead-free, and PVC travel crib is portable and convertible from a backpack to a crib and a crib to a backpack. Its full-height mesh sides assure airflow and breathability. Lotus Guava Travel Crib is ideal for air travel. The travel crib is unique for its side zipper door that converts the travel crib into a playard, likewise serves as a doorway that allows you to pet your baby when she’s fussing and can be quietly closed when she’s asleep. It is suitable for newborns right to 3 years. It comes with a 2 years guarantee.

Nuna Sena Aire Travel Crib 

This travel crib comes with ventilated mesh sides that allow air to circulate from every angle, with a soft mattress that allows your baby to sleep soundly likewise safely. It is easy to set-up, and with just one push, you can snap it into place once it is erect. It is made of non-toxic materials, with an organic crib sheet inclusive to help give your baby the peaceful and safe sleep you desire.

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