Technological models advance with time, sometimes due to changes in the market demands and sometimes due to consumers’ shift in taste of what they prefer. As a result of these changes, manufacturing industries contend against one another in a race to produce the best product, resulting in the emergence of new exciting trends. We closely tracked down the startup ecosystem from across the globe, and we came across a lot of interesting new themes and trends which are absorbing popularity in the fitness world. One of them is fitness bands.

Globally there are about 430 fitness bands companies. When purchasing a particular product, putting the brand name into consideration is really important to avoid buying a piece you wouldn’t like. Some companies have evolved beyond producing mere products, they make hi-tech, eye-catching, and durable products that consumers usually fall in love with. You don’t have to bother about stressing yourself by cramming many brand names into your memory as we have shortened the list into 5. Here are highest-ranking ones with standard hi-tech fitness trackers. 


Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, USA. Fitbit specializes in wearable fitness smartwatches, activity trackers, wireless headphones, and many more. Also offers a smartphone fitness app that aids users in enjoying a healthy life. Fitbit is known globally to produce top standard fitness bands and watches that do not wear out quickly. Packed with the fun loaded features that fuel your fitness journey, these trackers were made to help you live a healthier life. Each product comes at different prices for a balanced life by tracking all-day activity, exercise, sleep, and weight.

Below are some of the Fitbit fitness bands you get right now:

Fitbit Inspire 2 

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 Special edition 

Fitbit Ace 2 (For kids)  

Fitbit versa 3 

Fitbit Sense 



Founded in 1989 in Olathe- USA. It is one of the giant producers of fitness products worldwide, including fitness bands and watches. Its flagship wearable products like the Garmin Vivofit and Vivosmart are among the best fitness bands worldwide. It is also known for its award-winning smartwatches like the Fenix and Vivoactive. Garmin offers you a wide range of fitness bands and watches that you will definitely love at first sight. Garmin International is also known in other manufacturing sectors apart from fitness bands and smartwatches. It also manufactures products for aviation, automotive, marines, and general corporate wellness markets. 

Below are some of the Garmin Fitness bands and watches:

Garmin Vivoactive 4/4s

Garmin Vivomove series 

Vivofit Jr 3

Vivoactive 3 

Vivosmart 4  

Vivofit 4 

Garmin swim 2



Founded in 2008 in Moulineaux, France. If you’re looking to buy the best hybrid activity tracker or smartwatch, you want to make sure you find the one that works best. All Withings hybrid trackers and smartwatches can automatically help you fulfill your goals by tracking calories, swimming, steps, runs, and sleep. Explore a wide range of hybrid smartwatches built to track your fitness activities and, at the same time, monitor and improve your health. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, Withings trackers are renowned for their award-winning global design and unsurpassed battery life. Most of their fitness bands and watches are hybrids, so if you do not like hybrid devices, you can opt for another on our list 

Check out some of the Withings Smart trackers below:

Withings Pulse HR

Withings Steel HR

Withings Move



Samsung, a South Korean hi-tech manufacturing company  is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices and gadgets. Samsung specializes in producing a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, wearables, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems. Samsung fitness watches and bands are one of the latest trends in the international markets today. If you want to upgrade your fitness goals, grab a Samsung Galaxy watch or band today.  

Check out some of the Samsung Fitness wearable we have got for you below:

Galaxy Watch3 Titanium (45MM) Bluetooth

Galaxy Watch3 (45MM) 

Galaxy Fit2

Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm)



Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company founded in 1976, headquartered in Cupertino- California. Apple is known to develop, manufacture, and sell consumer electronics, software, and online services. In the present day, Apple is one of the tech giants that produce fitness bands and watches. If you’re looking for a smartwatch capable of doing it all, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are the latest version sold into the market in September 2020 with many hi-tech features. The ECG app is perfect for heart rate monitoring, and the activity rings help you track your physical activity and fitness progress. However, no Apple Watch is compatible with Android OS. You can’t pair an Android device with an Apple Watch neither via Bluetooth or LTE. But standard Bluetooth connectivity works with iPhone and iPad only. 

Below are the best Apple wearables in the markets today:

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple WatchSE 

Apple Watch Series 3 

Apple Watch Series 4 

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