Best Tech Suits for Swimming

Best Tech Suits for Swimming

Tech suits are generally special kind of high-technology bathing suits designed for competitive swimming events to help you swim your best. Male tech suits look like the traditional swim jammers but are tighter around the thighs rather than loose. This feature helps compress the leg muscles more. Similarly, women’s tech suits are of a similar idea. They compress the muscles by wrapping around the shoulders to provide full-body compression rather than just leg compression. 

In addition, tech suits are majorly made from neoprene, which is usually thicker than the traditional swimsuit. This fabric is hydrophobic, which makes it resist water, and it will not absorb as much water compared to a regular swimsuit. However, tech suits are not necessarily for everyday use but during competitive sessions to optimize athletic performance. This is because they are developed for high-intensity racing. However, if you are an IM specialist or breaststroker, a tech suit is definitely a must-have swimming gear. It offers compression and hydrodynamics and gives you a physiological edge in the water. 

In the article below is the breakdown of the top 5 tech suits for swimmers;

Speedo LZR Pure Intent Tech Suit 

Speedo is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality swimming gears. The Speedo LZR Pure Intent is popular among competitive swimmers. It is a premium tech suit ideal for all swimming strokes, especially breaststroke, and it’s best suited for fast swimming. In addition, dual compression layer and special taping increase power output, while its triple fabric construction improves range of motion. Besides that, drag is also minimized using the fabrics zones, bonded seams, and premium grip. All these work together to provide you with exceptional swimming performance. The only downside of this tech suit is the issue with the men’s jammer. It tends to leak if not correctly fitted.

Arena Carbon Glide Tech Suit

Arena has produced many great tech suits over the last few years. Apart from tech suits, they’re one of the brands that make high-quality swimming gears. One of the tech suits they produced is the Arena Carbon Glide. The Arena Carbon Glide works perfectly for mid-to-long distance swimmers because it features a less compressive and more flexible design. In addition, it’s one of the lightest fabrics available due to its composition of 65% Polyamide, 34% Elastane, and 1% Carbon Fiber. Besides that, this tech suit is also ideal for all swimming strokes, and if you’re a swimmer that prefers less compression and more range of swimming, you should consider this tech suit.

 Finis Fuse Tech Suit

The Finis Fuse tech suit is one of the tech suits produced by a top swim gear manufacturing brand, FINIS. In terms of fabrics, the Finis Fuse tech suit comprises 71% Polyamide and 29% Elastane. Due to its dual-panel construction and flexibility compression technology allowing for power and an ideal range of motion, this tech suit is suitable for any swimming strokes or event such as middle-distance, sprint, or long-distance swimming. It is also comes with other comfortable designs. In addition, it is a great option for swimmers who don’t take swimming as a sport or have limitations on the tech suits they can wear.

TYR Venzo Tech Suit

This suit is one of the most compressive tech suits from TYR. This particular tech suit is as good as the Speedo LZR Pure Intent in terms of features. And if you’re searching for a high-compression or high-performance sprinting tech suit, look no further than this TYR Venzo Tech suit. This suit’s fabric is also super high-quality, consisting of 70% Polyamide (nylon) and 30% Elastane, allowing compression and water-repellency. It also features a built-in surface lift technology and an innovative endo-compression cage, enhancing your swimming performance. Finally, this tech suit works for all strokes, especially breaststroke.

 Jaked JKeel Tech Suit

The Jaked Jkeel tech suit is an innovative and outstanding design tech suit with high-performance features. Like the Arena tech suit, it is suitable for all swimming events and strokes as swimmers can use it for sprinting or middle/long-distance swimming events. It also features a fabric composition of 58% Polyamide, 32% Elastane, and 10% Polyester. In addition, its outside is coated with a double layer of fluorocarbon resin to create a water-resistant film layer. Besides that, its fabrics are made using ultrasound welding and taped seams which helps reduce drag and increase mechanical capacity. Finally, it’s a worthy tech suit at an affordable mid-range price.

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