Swimming Kickboards for Every Swimmer

Swimming Kickboards for Every Swimmer

For some folks, swimming is not just about games or fun. It is also the act of providing themselves with a workout. One of the important swimming gears to amplify your swimming event or workout is swimming kickboards. Like other swimming gears, they’re used for a purpose, strategically in swim training. Swimming kickboards are rectangular boards usually made of plastic or foam. This swimming gear helps keep your body afloat while working on your kicking techniques. They also enhance the coordination of the four limbs’ rhythmic movement, which could prove daunting for most swimmers, especially beginners. In addition, amateur and expert swimmers use swimming kickboards to isolate the legs and work on them without bothering about arm movement. Using a kickboard also doesn’t reflect the natural rotational element that happens with regular freestyle. 

Buyer’s guide: Criteria for choosing a kickboard

  • Size: You’ll need a properly sized kickboard for you to have the best swimming experience. Though an adult can still use a kid-sized kickboard, nothing beats using a correct-sized kickboard.
  • Durability: Kickboards are not what you dump after a single use. Therefore, it’s important to buy a kickboard that’s very durable. You can determine the durability by the type of material build-up of the kickboard.
  • Grip or handle:  Grip or handles of kickboards generally determines how well the swimmer can hold on the board while swimming. It’s advised to get those with grips that best suits you. Kickboards with handles are better options for kids.
  • Design and color: Kickboards that are colorful and very attractive will resonate and spur your interest in learning to swim. 
  • Safety: Safety features in kickboards such as anti-slip properties should be considered before buying a kickboard. You should look out for the board’s safety features. 

Purchasing the best swimming kickboards for money is never easy, especially when you have different options to chose from. In the post below are the best swimming kickboards worth buying in 2021.

Speedo Team Kickboard 

The Speedo tombstone board is simple, efficient, lightweight, and more rigid than most other kickboards. This kickboard has a grip along the side of the kickboard and a non-slip surface to minimize accident risks. It is constructed from high-quality materials, which gives it a high level of durability that ensures its longevity. The Speedo kickboard is built to last several trips in the swimming pool.

The TYR Sport Kickboard

The TYR sport Kickboard is very thick and is at a weighty 2 inches thick. It’s quite longer than Speedo and many other kickboards, making it a good option for big and tall swimmers. It is also made from high-quality EVA foam. In addition, it has a basic design and is popular among recreational and professional swimmers.

Finis Kickboard

This is another fantastic kickboard produced by the famous swimming gear manufacturer, FINIS. It is a classic kickboard with a basic and efficient design. Besides that, it is durable, lightweight (weighs only 5.2 ounces), floats well on water, and available in junior and adults sizes. However, the only downside of the finis Kickboard is that it’s not as buoyant as Speedo’s and Finnis’s and has less durability.

Arena kickboard

Arena kickboard, unlike other kickboards, is constructed from ethylene-vinyl acetate instead of the typical EVA foam. It also features added hand positions and comes in various colors, which allows you to pick your favorite color.


STRPRETTY kickboard

The STRPRETTY kickboard is made of three layers of composite materials, and it’s 1-inch thick. It has a U-shaped board design and ergonomic holes for proper grip. Its multi-layered body structure helps enhance its durability. With time, its layers start peeling or coming unglued due to prolonged usage- this is its only downside. Overall, the STRPRETTY kickboard is an amazing kickboard for any swimmer.

Poolmaster kickboard

The Poolmaster kickboard is made of unbreakable UV-resistant polyethylene, which enhances its durability. This kickboard weighs 16 ounces and was designed for maximum comfort. It features more than two handles for optimal body alignment in the pool. That way, swimmers can choose the handle that best suits their swimming needs. In addition, this kickboard is available in large and small sizes.

Melissa & Doug kickboard 

Melissa & Doug kickboard is very small, making it a recommendation for kids aged four and upwards. It is lightweight because it’s made of styrofoam. This kickboard has a colorful design which makes it appealing and attractive to young kids. Besides that, its fabric is resistant to chlorine which is usually present in swimming pools. It comes in a pair of two boards – a dolphin and a shark.

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