Best Swimming Goggles in 2021

Best Swimming Goggles in 2021

Swimming is a standard and incredible workout. It’s the fourth most popular exercise in the USA and has been termed the perfect exercise. One of the essential tools a swimmer needs are swimming goggles. So, whether you’re swimming for competitive competition, indoor pool, or practicing your strokes on the open water, goggles are one of the critical pieces of swimming gear. In addition, they’re essential for protecting your eyes from irritants like chlorine or saltwater. Besides that, they also help aid better vision and prevent your eyes from getting red when you are down in the water. 

Furthermore, swimming goggles are broadly separated into two categories; training and competition goggles, but they are only suggested based on price(as the competition goggles are pretty pricey). There are hundreds of different types of goggles for swimming laps, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Buyer’s guide: How to choose swimming goggles

  • Lens color: There are actually three main goggle lens styles: clear, mirrored, and polarized. Polarized lenses are the best for outdoor swimming as they decrease glare but aren’t dim on overcast days.
  • Lens size: This largely depends on comfort, and the best lens size for you is the size that makes you comfortable.
  • Head strap: Head strap choice depends on your hairstyle or length, but whatever head strap that comes with the lenses that fit your face comfortably should work fine.

It can be heartbreaking to swim using a pair of swimming goggles that don’t work as they should. However, in this article, you can put all your fears at rest, knowing that you’ll be able to choose from the best swimming goggles in the market. So, without further ado, below are top-notch swimming goggles that will last, feature anti-fog protection, and ensure excellent visibility.

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

The professional Vanquisher is an upgrade from its previous version, 1.0, and it offers better features. They are arguably the most popular goggles because they’re universal in terms of style and fit. They have anti-fog lenses and UV protection from the sun. In addition, they also have 4 different nose bridges for customized fit and an adjustable strap. This pair of goggles are ideal for competitive races like swimming, meets, and triathlons due to their low profile and snug eye fit. Finally, they’re reasonably priced for the level of performance they offer.

Aegend Swim Goggles

The Aegend swim goggles are known for their budget-friendly nature and are top-rated on Amazon as they outrank TYR and Speedo. These goggles are made from premium silicone with an ergonomic design that perfectly fits any face type. Besides that, they also have one of the latest anti-fog technology to improve vision and lenses’ moisture resistance. Furthermore, they have an adjustable strap that’s easy to handle after doing a fast lap. These goggles come in a variety of colors, and if an exceptional comfort or stylish look is an essential thing for you, then you should try Aegend swim goggles.

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

The Aqua Sphere goggles are designed majorly for open water swimming with outstanding performance and visibility (180-degree visibility). When you’re in open water, you’ll need to use your peripheral vision to see where you’re going and spot buoys. The Aqua Sphere goggles offer this thanks to clear plastisol lenses, which offer an incredible vision. In addition, they also have an adjustable buckle which allows you to put on and remove the glasses easily. Besides that, they also have 100% UVA and UVB lens protection, which helps protect your eyes from direct sunlight even through a clear lens. Their anti-fog technology also ensures that there’s no fog build-up on the lenses.

ROKA R1 Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

The ROKA R1 Anti-Fog Swim Goggles are a great option for triathletes that can go from pool to lake as they do not want to race in untested goggles. They are generally most suitable for outdoors though they can also handle pool swims with ease. They have larger lenses size when compared to other swim goggles. Besides that, they also have patented forward-facing lenses and a superior hard coat on the exterior face. This helps enhance visibility, prevent anti-scratch and fog, and also extend durability. In addition, their hydrophobic coating reduces surface tension for hydrodynamics, and they’re the best anti-fog swim goggles out there.

TYR Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Swim Goggles

TYR Special Ops 2.0 is a great option for triathletes and is as popular as Speedo when it comes to triathlon. These polarised goggles are best for outdoor swimming though they can also work in a pool setting. They offer a wide range of vision underwater when swimming in an ocean or lake. Besides that, they also feature durable, hypoallergenic DURAFIT silicone gaskets that provide you with comfort, watertight seal, and maintain their shape over time. The silicone gasket also helps keep the lenses firmly in place on your face.

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