Help your newbie swimmers float while they are learning to swim by getting them a good swimming vest. The best swim vests for kids will give them buoyancy to stay afloat while working on their arms and leg. These vests are generally less bulky than life jackets, and your little one will feel comfortable wearing one. However, you should never leave your little one unattended in the water, and don’t encourage your child to practice breath holding underwater. It’s best to teach your child to enter a swimming pool feet first, and do not let your child enter the water without a swim vest and other safety precautions. 

Furthermore, safety, comfort, material, color, size, UVA/UVB protection, and Coast Guard Approval are factors to consider before purchasing swim vests for your kids. Mentioned here are the best 5 swim vests for kids that are comfortable to wear, brightly colored, and super functional.

Poolmaster Learn-to-Swim Dino Swim Vest

This kid swimming vest is specifically made to help build confidence in the water. The vest is not only cute-looking but super effective. It is actually a lightweight and comfortable neoprene with an expandable foam center. Its crotch strap is padded neoprene for extra comfort, and the front zipper can be quickly removed. In addition, it is available in two sizes that cover a large range of weights. This means you can buy the same color and design for multiple kids of different ages. Finally, Poolmaster Learn-to-Swim Dino Swim Vest will make a good pick if you have younger kids who want to look like their older siblings.

Reasons to buy:

It provides good buoyancy

Its front zipper allows for quick removal.

It is available in two sizes that fit a large range of weights.

Comfortable and lightweight

Body Glove Paddle Pals Learn to Swim

This vest has an integrated and adjustable shoulder harness with quick release clips at the rear to prevent your little ones from undoing the swim vest and taking it off by themselves. It has a great design for teaching your little ones to swim, and since it is not too restrictive, they can enjoy playing in the water. In addition, the material is soft enough, comfortable to wear, and dries quickly. Body Glove Paddle Pals Learn to Swim is Coast Guard-approved, and it’s clearly printed on the vest. Finally, it is available in a wide range of bright, fun colors and designs to choose from to suit your little one’s taste.

Reasons to buy:

Comfortable to wear

Dries quickly

Available in many different fun colors and designs

Coast Guard-approved

Splash About Happy Nappy Swimsuit

This kid swimsuit has a unique design that allows you to add or subtract floats according to your child’s abilities and confidence level. This means the swim vest can last from when your little one begins spending time in the water till when they are ready to swim without any aid. Splash About Happy Nappy Swimsuit provides arm, leg, and full torso coverage, and it also gives UPF 50 sun protection. The floats’ position around the waist leaves the arms free and promotes a natural swimming position. And since the swim vest is built into the swimsuit, your little ones can not easily get to it.

Reasons to buy:

It offers arms, legs, and full torso coverage.

UPF 50 sun protection.

Comfortable to wear

SwimSchool Swim Trainer Vest

SwimSchool Swim Trainer Vest comes with float pads placed so that your child will naturally turn into the prone position, which is a great position for learning to swim. It has an adjustable crotch strap that prevents the vest from slipping up while your little one is in the water, keeping them comfortable and safe. It is made of UPF 50 fabric that helps block out 98 percent of the sun’s rays. This will make a great pick for parents who want to give their kids a little extra sun protection.

Reasons to buy:

It is lightweight

It has comfortable padded shoulders

UPF 50 fabric that blocks out 98% of the sun’s rays.

Stearns Original Puddle Jumper

This kid swim vest is U.S. Coast Guard approved, and this can be found printed on the side of the vest. This means the swim vest is suitable for all places, such as water parks and public pools, that require kids to wear a USCG-approved device. The kid swim vest comes with a back buckle that prevents your little one from removing it on their own, and the strap for the closure is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The armbands of this swim vest offer plenty of support for beginners ( newbie swimmers).

Reasons to buy:

It is U.S Coast Guard Approved

It is made of soft fabric to prevent irritation

Available in a wide range of designs to excite kids

Can be used on the beach, at the pool, and on boats.

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