High tech swim goggles are some of the most crucial tools for perfect swimming laps and training. Whether you’re swimming laps in open water or just practicing your strokes in an indoor pool, swim goggles are essential for viewing underwater and also needed to protect your eyes from irritants like chlorine and saltwater. It allows you to properly see the backstroke flags, end walls, and other swimmers while in a swimming competition.

Are you worried about the kind of swim goggles to get? This guide contains a breakdown of the best swimming goggles. There are certainly tons of different kinds of swim goggles in the markets today, and they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, prices, and designs. So which one is best for your training and competition? Here, we rounded up the top 5 high-quality swim goggles suitable for all kinds of swimming activities. We’ve gathered the less pricey ones and pricey ones to fit in your budget plan. 

Here are our top picks for you!

Form Swim Goggles

Form Swim Goggles is one of the most promising swim techs that give you accurate, effortless, and real-time swim data that allows you to focus on improving your metrics. While you keep swimming with its see-through display that shows you the time, heartbeat, stroke rate, calories, and distance covered, you get to know how far you have gone in your exercise. Its 16hrs of battery life and powerful chemical and fog resistance gives you the best swimming experience. 

  • Bluetooth 
  • 1-lithium battery | 16 hours of battery life
  • Heart rate tracking sensors
  • FORM Swim App for iPhone and Android lets you review metrics out of the pool
  • Permanent chemical-resistant Plus anti-fog contoured silicone eye seals
  •  Waterproof up to 32 feet (10 meters). 
  • 1-year limited warranty 
  • Perfect training tool for swimmers and triathletes
  • Case and charging cable included

Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Mask Goggles

This is one of the best choices for someone who wants to take part in a swimming competition. Built with patented curved lens technology that offers you the clearest 180° underwater visibility through superior optics engineering for great hydrodynamics. With its one-touch buckle, you get a comfortable swim plus custom fit that enables you to focus on your swim and not your gear. It is unisex and comes in different lens colors with UV protection —Smoke, blue, red, and clear lens. So you have a wide range of options to choose from.

  • 180-degree visibility
  • Easy adjustments with One-Touch, Quick-Fit Buckle for a perfect fit 
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Low-profile contoured frame
  • Leak resistance silicone skirt
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Durable Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating

TYR SPORT Special OPS 2.0 Polarized Goggles

These are multi-use goggles engineered for indoor, triathlon, and open water training and competition. As a pro in swimming, you won’t be disappointed with this product. This racing goggle is durable for long-lasting usage, allergy-free Durafit silicone gaskets that provide a comfortable swim, plus a watertight seal that maintain your face shape. It also features an embedded anti-fog screen that gives you a wide view of the arena and optimal sighting. These competition goggles are sure to meet the demands of a serious swimmer like you.

  • Perfectly polarized lenses 
  • Anti-fog peripheral vision tight seal
  • Fabric Type
  • 100% Silicone
  • Polarized lens


Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles Speed Socket 2.0

Perfect for Olympic swimmers, triathletes, and newbies who want something great. It is built with the polarized lens as seen in sunglasses, thereby suitable for anyone who wants to swim in the sun. Its double head strap ensures a secure fit and enables you to have a comfortable swim, while its perfectly engineered anti-fog coated lenses provide excellent clarity with a wide range of underwater views. Despite its low profile design, it gives you an outstanding peripheral vision

  • Sleek, low-profile inner eye fit
  • Anti-fog lenses 
  • Silicone head strap for a secure fit
  • Wide panoramic vision
  • Hypoallergenic comfort seals
  • Unisex with adult age range (ages 14+)
  • Eye Size: 32 mm
  • Bridge: 26 mm
  • Weight: 1 oz.


MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

Its titanium/gold lenses give you an expanded field of vision that allows you to sight walls and the competition without altering your head position. It is manufactured for perfect fitness and recreational swimming, triathlons, and aquatic exercise to experience the highest level of swim performance. This brand combines patented curved lens technology with a low hydrodynamic profile fit to give you a competitive edge plus perfect clarity. The swim goggles give an incredible field of vision to those who are busy with their aquatic workouts.

  • Curve lenses 
  • Interchangeable nose bridge for a custom fit 
  • Unisex – adult 
  • Low profile buckle quick-adjust strap
  • For competitive swimmers and training 


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