Swaddling is generally safe for all newborns. Most modern parents still embrace the practice because of its numerous benefits. Swaddling is an act of wrapping an infant securely in a blanket from the neck down to the leg in such a way that their arms and legs are comfortably tucked in. This practice helps your baby sleep peacefully. Swaddling helps mimic the womb-like environment. Thus, when properly done, it helps your baby adjust to the outside world. And because babies are prompted to startle reflexes for the first few months, which results in them moving their arms at regular intervals, swaddling can help prevent or reduce the involuntary response to being startled by a sudden sound. Swaddling should be stopped around 3 months or as soon as your baby learns how to roll over. It is important to note that swaddling is not suitable for babies who have hip dysplasia, so you might need to ask your pediatrician.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the safest position for every healthy newborn to sleep is on their backs. However, as the best time to swaddle an infant is when it’s time to go to bed, whether a short nap or overnight sleep, they should be placed on their backs. Aside from reducing startle reflex and making your baby sleep peacefully, a good swaddle blanket can also help soothe your baby and keep them warm. In choosing your preferred swaddle blankets, the fabric, ease of use, comfortability, safe for use, and designs are important factors. Below are the best quality swaddle blankets that are safe for use and comfortable. These swaddle blankets help your baby sleep peacefully while you have quality time to do so too.

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Blankets

This simple design swaddle is easy to use with adjustable and velcro closure wings that allow for a customized fit. It helps soothe your baby, prevent startle reflex, and keep them guarded throughout the night. The affordable swaddle comes in packs of three. This means you can have one on your baby, one in the wash, and the last one on standby. The cotton-made swaddle is soft and breathable, thus, helps regulate your baby’s temperature without overheating.SwaddleMe Original Swaddle comes in a shape that mimics the comfortable feeling of being in the womb. The swaddle comes in two sizes, so you can be sure to get the one that suits your baby.

Halo SleepSack Swaddle

This swaddle is endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, safe and hip healthy. The swaddle blanket helps keep babies secure, cozy, and safe while sleeping. You can adjust this 3-way swaddle to your baby’s sleep style, meaning the swaddle can be used with arms in. This helps prevent startle reflex and mimics the womb environment, hands-to-face, or one or both arms out. The sleepsack swaddle gives extra room for your baby’s hip, thus, promoting proper hip development and preventing hip dysplasia. Its inverted zipper allows easy diaper change without the need to totally undo the swaddle.

This swaddle is 100% cotton but it also comprises other materials that help suit warmer or colder climates. It comes in small and large sizes; the small size is suitable for babies from infant to 3 months and 3 months to 6 months for large size. You can convert this swaddle into a blanket as your baby outgrows swaddling.

 Aden and Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

This set of four classic square, soft and large fabric swaddle blankets comprises 100% cotton muslin. The swaddle is machine-washable and free of harmful chemicals, making it ideal for newborns. The quality swaddle comes in beautiful designs, sold in units too. You can use this blanket for other things besides swaddling. You can use it as a breastfeeding cover, stroller blanket, emergency burp cloth, and lots more. Aden and Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket is an excellent swaddle and can be used as a blanket as your child gets older.

Love to Dream Swaddle Up

The swaddle blanket comes with a 2-way zipper that allows easy diaper change with the 4-way stretch fabric that allows your baby to move its hip, thus, providing comfort. The swaddle is one of the best swaddles as it is helps mimic your baby’s sleep position in the womb, with their arms up and sleep on their back, which is the ideal way as advised by AAP. Love to Dream Swaddle Up comprises of cotton and elastane. The swaddle has a wing design that allows babies to sleep on their backs with their arms up and safely suck on their fingers through the soft fabric. This swaddle is available in three sizes that are not adjustable, so you should properly select the one that suits your baby’s size.

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