There is no doubt that sunglasses look super cute on kids. Aside from being just an accessory, they are also a healthy necessity. The best sunglasses for kids will protect your little ones’ eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, with loads of sunglasses for kids in the market, you might want to consider some factors before purchasing any pair of sunglasses for your kids. These include 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, cost, tint, color, polarization, safety, wraparound, security, flexibility, durability, and warranty. Below are the best 5 sunglasses for kids available on the market.

Kushies Kid Size Dupont Rubber Sunglasses

Kushies Kid Size Dupont Rubber Sunglasses has two size options, with the newborn size right enough for a comfortable fit on even a small baby. They are 100% Dupont rubber, comfortable to wear, and also durable. Because they are virtually indestructible, your little ones can not easily damage them. They are so affordable, so getting a new pair won’t be much of a problem should your little one damage it. The baby sunglasses come with frames free of harsh chemical toxins like lead, PVC, BPA, and phthalates. In addition, the lenses are scratch and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and meet specifications set by the American Optometric Association.

Reasons to buy:

100% rubber for comfortable wear and durability.

Super affordable for the quality you get.

Meets American Optometric Association standards.

Minishade Flexible Polarized Toddler Sunglasses

These polarized kid sunglasses are made of flexible materials that won’t break easily, making them super ideal for active kids. Although they are a little pricey, they come with a warranty against both breakage and loss. So, if your little one misplaces them within the warranty period, you will get a new pair. Mini shade Flexible Polarized Toddler Sunglasses come with frames made of a flexible rubberized material, super durable, and virtually indestructible. In addition, the lenses are also polarized to help reduce glare and block 100% of UV rays. These polarized lenses are impact-resistant and do not easily scratch.

Reasons to buy:

Block 100 percent of UV rays

A flexible body that won’t break

Come with warranty against breakage and loss

Polarized for comfortable wear

Tuga Baby/Toddler UV 400 Sunglasses

Looking for sunglasses that are affordable and will grow with your little ones? These are great options. These sunglasses for kids come with two straps, one sized for babies and the other for toddlers ages 2 to 5 years. This means you won’t need to get a new set of sunglasses as your little one grows. The lenses are durable and strong polycarbonate types, block 100 percent of UV rays, and are shatter resistant. These kid sunglasses frames come in several different colors, and each pair is affordable, meaning it won’t be difficult to get another one should your little one damage it or need to replace it. In addition, the Tuga Baby/Toddler UV 400 Sunglasses also come with a carrying case for safekeeping, easy transportation, and cleanliness.

Reasons to buy:

It is affordable

It comes with two different-sized straps and a carrying case

Made of strong polycarbonate

BIB-ON Vintage Best First Sunglasses

BIB-ON Vintage Best First Sunglasses are made of flexible material to help protect against breakage, making them great for active kids. They come in two pairs, and they also come with a carrying case for safe and easy transportation. The stylish grown-up look-alike kid sunglasses are not only cute looking but also very functional. They will protect your kid’s eyes from 100 percent of UV rays. In addition, this pair of sunglasses has a “fitment guarantee,” meaning if the kid sunglasses do not fit your child properly, you will get a refund back without any stress.

Reasons to buy:

Guaranteed to fit.

Comes in two pairs and a with carrying case.

Blocks 100 percent of UV rays.

A flexible body.

Hipsterkid Kids Sunglasses

These super stylish kid sunglasses look like adult sunglasses but in miniature, making them a great pick for kids who do not like baby sunglasses. Their frames come in various colors and patterns, giving you a choice to pick the one that suits them best. These frames themselves are flexible with polarized lenses that provide 100% sun protection, shield the eyes from UVA and UVB rays. In addition, these cute sunglasses come with a strap your kids can use when they are younger. In fact, they  can remove the strap when they are more confident. They are great for toddlers and older kids, as they allow them to explore their world without damaging their precious eyes.

Reasons to buy:

Removable strap

Polarized lenses

Comfortable to wear

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