You can help your little ones spend more fun time outdoors comfortably without worrying about sun rays with the best sun hats for kids. The negative effect of sun rays cannot be overemphasized. It can lead to sunburn, and a single severe sunburn as a child or baby can fasten the risk of someday developing melanoma. And because kids like to explore and it is naturally impossible to keep them indoors always, good sun hats for kids can help protect them from harsh sun rays. Besides that, these hats let them have carefree childhood fun in the sun while still protecting their sensitive skin from harmful rays. 

In addition, sun hats for kids are designed in a way you can strap under your baby’s chin, fastening with a snap or a drawstring, so they stay put. These hats mentioned below are the top 4 sun hats for kids to keep them safe while having fun in the sun.

SwimZip Unisex Wide Brim Sun Hat

This sun hat comes with an adjustable chin strap that will fit around thinner babies and babies who have lots of adorable chins from all that baby fat, making it an excellent pick for babies generally. This adjustable chin strap breaks away to help prevent choking hazards. Apart from the chin strap, it also comes with a head strap, making it even more adjustable so your little one will be comfortable. The broad brim around the sun hat will provide shade from every angle, and with 50 plus, it sure comes with the highest UPF rating.

In addition, one amazing feature is that this sun hat floats, so it will be an ideal choice if you want a hat your baby can wear to the beach. SwimZip Unisex Wide Brim Sun Hat is available in various colors, so be sure to find one to complement whatever your little one has on.

i Play Baby and Toddler Sun Hat

i Play Baby, and Toddler Sun Hat fits babies and toddlers from newborn to 4T conveniently. It comes with chin straps you can tie to keep the hat firm on your baby’s head even in windy conditions or days at the beach. This will help you erase worries about lost hats while your kids can also play comfortably with their hats on. Apart from chin straps, it also has an adjustable toggle that helps keep a firmer fit on your child’s head and can be released as your child grows.

And like the Swimzip hat, it comes with a broad, oversized brim and has a 50 plus UPF to protect from harmful rays. In addition, it is available in various colors, both bright and neutral, that won’t contradict your baby’s outfit. i Play Baby and Toddler Sun Hat is machine washable.

Tuga Girls Reversible Bucket Sun Hat

Looking for a reversible baby sun hat that is functional and cute? Then you have this one. This sun hat feels like you have two hats in one because of its reversible design. With this hat, you can choose between wearing a brightly colored pattern on one side or a solid color with a light pattern on the brim on the other side. Its fabric has a 50+ UPF rating, so you can be confident that you’re blocking 98 percent of both UVA and UVB rays.

In addition, it is lightweight, so your child will feel comfortable wearing one all day. And like the previous hats mentioned, the Bucket sun hat has an adjustable chin strap. You can decide to remove it if your child won’t be needing it during windy periods. It is available in four sizes, meaning there is one for everyone and a wide brim for protection.

Outdoor Research Kids Rambler Sun Hat

Get this sun hat for your kids and make them feel like an explorer wearing this hat around. One may actually take this hat for an archaeologist’s as he goes off to dig. There’s an adjustable draw cord and a breakaway chin cord for emergencies. It also has a headband for added moisture control and comfort, making it great for older kids because they tend to spend more time outdoors and sweat more than younger kids. Although it doesn’t have a 50+ UPF rating, it has a fair UPF rating of 30 plus, with an inflexible brim, so it won’t fold down and will give a lot of shade. Outdoor Research Kid’s Rambler Sun Hat has few solid color options to pick from.


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