As adorable as babies are, trust me, they are two messy times. Be it food, bodily fluids, or toys, you will always, as a parent, find something worthy of cleaning. However, if you are a mom who is worried about the messes your baby can make, you might want to give a splash mat a trial. This is because baby splash mats do wonders in containing spills and preventing carpets and floors from messes. And because you will be doing less cleaning after mealtime spills or playtime, you’ll minimize stress, save time, energy, and sanity. 

Furthermore, these mats, also known as drop cloths or feeding mats, come as a waterproof fabric or other waterproof material such as plastic. You can simply place them under high chairs at mealtimes or play areas to protect the floor underneath it from food stains and other messes. Splash mats can also be helpful as tablecloths, as a barrier between your baby and dirty floor, and when traveling. Besides that, you can even place one under your kid’s seat at a restaurant to avoid leaving a huge mess. Before purchasing one, consider size, ease of cleaning, decor, weight, and thickness. Here are five great splash mats on the market.

Pearly Tale Baby Splash Mat

This mat is 100 percent polyester and free of lead, BPA, and phthalates. You can use this multifunctional mat on the floor underneath a highchair during meals, tabletops for crafts, and more to protect them from getting messed up. The back fabric of this splash mat comes with anti-slip silicone dots that help prevent slipping on any surface. In addition, its waterproof material makes it easy to clean by just wiping dirt and messes up. The splash mat measures 51 by 51 inches, thus ideal for use outdoors at parks or playgrounds. Furthermore, the bright design of the mat is one your little one would find delight in.

Bumkins Waterproof  Mat

This thin and portable splash mat will be a great pick for you if you’re always on the go with your kid. This 42 inches square mat has a cute design and is absolutely waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about messes getting through it to your floors because they ultimately protect your floors. This mat is not so big and might not protect your floor should your kid tend to throw food. However, it is enough to catch regular spills that accompany a toddler’s mealtime. The material is BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate, and lead-free, making it safe for use. In addition, this mat is machine washable for easy clean-up, or you can wipe it off with a rag.

Children’s Factory Rectangular Splash Mat

If you want a large splash mat, then you might want to check this out. This mat measures 50 inches by 72 inches. Though the mat may be too large for some space, people with large space would find it worthwhile. One beautiful thing is that you can fold it up to suit the available space or even trim it. In addition, this mat is durable and thick and does not slip on hardwood floors. It is also versatile enough for use as a tablecloth, on the floor of a craft area, or under a high chair. Finally, the Children’s Factory Rectangular Splash Mat is easy to clean by wiping the splash mat with a rag.

Loodial High Chair Floor Protector

Aside from being functional, this beautifully made splash mat is transparent to match any decor. This circular splash mat 100 percent vinyl plastic, making it super easy to wipe clean. This small profile mat measures 47 inches, making it suitable for more spaces, unlike larger mats. Although the splash mat may not be ideal for messy play or arts and crafts because of its small size, it works great under high chairs. And because it is made of thick plastic, there is no room for tear. In addition, being made with plastic makes it waterproof, so it will protect your floor or carpet from spills completely.

Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splash Mat

Looking for a splash mat that fits into lots of spaces? Search no further; this is exactly what you need. This 42 inches square splash mat fits into a variety of spaces because of its small size. Besides that, you can also fold it on the edges to suit even tighter spaces. So, if you have a small apartment space, it’ll serve you perfectly. In addition, this splash mat comes with a zippered pouch for easy transportation when on the go. Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat is made of laminated cotton canvas free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead, making it ideal and safe for use. In addition, this versatile splash mat protects your floors and carpets and comes in an adorable alphabet design that is educational too.


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