While contemplating whether to get scooters for your toddlers’ first outdoor toy, we will suggest you go for scooters suitable for toddlers. Aside from being more age-appropriate for toddlers, they will also serve as a fun way to practice motor skills, making them an ideal way to work up to the biggest milestones. And because daily exercise is essential, a scooter can help fine-tune coordination and help burn excess energy with the proper safety equipment. Nevertheless, a child should never be left alone to use any scooter without adult supervision. To further boost your child’s safety, you should get them a helmet to protect their head, elbow, and knee pads to protect them from scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Below are our picks on the best scooters for toddlers

Hurtle 3-Wheeled Scooter

Your kid will be the center of attraction in the neighborhood when he/she drives by other kids with wheels glowing with LED lights. These LED lights flash in rainbow colors, making it both attractive and a form of safety when kids ride at night. Kids can sit or stand while riding the scooter. In addition, this scooter has a rear brake for safe stopping and a comfortable footrest for when your kid is seated. Apart from that, the handlebars are adjustable, and there’s an extra-wide anti-slip foot deck. The lean-to-steer technology allows for easy maneuvering. The scooter is available in eight different bright colors, including green, blue, red, yellow, and camouflage. Hurtle 3-Wheeled Scooter is suitable for kids age 1 to 14 years old.

YBike GLX Pro Scooter

This beautifully designed scooter is all your little one needs for outdoor fun. The scooter comes with three wheels for stability and safety, lean-to-steer for easy maneuvering, meaning your toddler can zip around and practice their own balance. In addition, its adjustable handlebar encourages better balance and more control, as it gives your child more space and helps to shift their weight back. The maximum weight is 66 pounds. The three wheels are big and durable, with a composite wheel core, a cartridge combined with durable PU wheels. In addition, this scooter has a large brake pedal on the rear wheel, which is easy to use. All your kid has to do is stand on it with one foot to slow down.

Lascoota Kick Removable Seat Scooter

Lascoota Kick Removable Seat Scooter is constructed from aluminum alloy and stainless steel for durability. This scooter comes with flashing wheels, making it suitable for evening riding. It also has beautiful features you and your kids will surely love. It comes with a seat your toddler can use when he/she is still finding their bearing or tired of riding standing. You can also remove the seat when your child wants to show some swags or learn how to ride. A lean-to-steer technology helps achieve easy maneuvering and balancing skills. In addition, this scooter is low to the ground, has a wide deck for safety, adjustable handlebars, and seat height to boost comfort. The scooter also has three wheels which help give support, hence, making riding a lot easier for your kid.

Skidee Folding Seat Adjustable Scooter

This scooter comes with cool light-up wheels of various colors and flashes while your kid is riding, thereby making evening outdoor play fun and better. It also has a foldable padded seat that can be seated on for comfort and fold away. There’s also an adjustable handlebar that grows with your kid and an adjustable height to best suit your toddler. The lean-to-turn function helps in balancing skills and easy maneuvering. In addition, this scooter has a sturdy frame and comfy rubber handle that will allow your kid to ride fine in no time. Interestingly, with just a press of a button, the scooter folds up, making storage easy.

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter will make your toddler playtime both active and full of fun. This scooter is available in 12 fun and colorful designs you can pick from. It features an adjustable t-bar that lets you set the ideal height for your kid, with a height between 17 and 25 inches. You (adult) can easily and quickly securely hold the handlebars by tightening its clamp with the included hex wrench before heading out on another tour of fun. The three wheels of the scooter help support your child as they learn to change into a turn safely while keeping balance.


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