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It’s no news that accidents are prone to happen anywhere, including schools. Accidents in schools may come from the playground when dealing with chemicals and others. School nurses manage minor school casualties, and such management takes place in a school nursing office.  The arrangement or organization of a school nursing office could affect the well-being of the student. When organizing a nurse’s office, consider the following points. 

Stocking a school nursing office

It is always more comfortable for a nurse to work efficiently when all the necessities are in place. Certain equipment and items should always be available at hand—adhesive tapes ,  bandages , ibuprofen,  gauze ,  syringe , etc. A nurse’s office should also have over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, paracetamol, flu medicine, and the likes. A well-stocked nursing office guarantees students’ safety and prepares a school’s management for minor accidents and emergencies.


Decorations should make students feel welcomed and comfortable. It’s a school nursing office; the decoration shouldn’t be bland and boring but should be bright and colorful. The office should entertain slow music, kid-friendly toys, and comfortable beds or cots. Pupils will be encouraged to visit the school nurse in case of any problem. The office should be as comfortable as possible and free of hazards.

Personal Attitude

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The school nurse’s attitude would determine how well she mingles with pupils. A strict nurse would scare kids and become hesitant to report if there’s a problem that could be potentially dangerous. A nurse who attends to them with a smile will encourage them to open up about whatever is wrong with them. Whenever possible, a nurse should greet visitors as politely as possible to make them feel welcomed and comfortable.

Sited close to students

A school’s nurse office shouldn’t be too far main school area in case of an emergency. If the office is far from the main school area, injuries might worsen before the patient arrives at the office. Nursing offices located close to the students eases transportation, and that’s an advantage for the patient.

Nursing offices should be hazard-free

A nursing office should be free of all hazards. Hazards include staple pins, erasers, beads, blades, and other items that infants could ingest. The office should be arranged and well organized to welcome patients of all ages. A fire extinguisher should also be kept nearby

Proper documentation

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It’s essential to keep tabs on your patients. A school’s nurse office should keep a record of health documents of all old and new pupils’ health information. Every year, schools welcome new students. It’s advisable to find out if they have any conditions or allergies and keep track of their health. 

Proper ventilation

The room must have adequate ventilation. It should have ceiling fans or standing fans, or air conditioners. A nurse’s office should be a cool place. The temperature would also help in making the patient calm and comfortable. 

A desk

A desk is essential. It makes it easier and comfortable for a nurse to sign documents, take notes about a patient, and discuss with patients. 

First aid kit

One can’t stress how key this is. A proper first aid contains all supplies that a nurse needs like bandages, scissors, thermometers, stethoscopes, and lots more. It is also mobile making it easy for emergencies outside the office.

Snacks and drinks

As funny as it may sound, snacks are essential in a nurse’s office. A patient might be suffering from a lack of food, and a snack would help in such a situation. The snacks referred to here are cookies, biscuits, and non-perishable snacks. A patient can also be dehydrated and require water. An organized nurse’s office should have drinking water to quench patients’ thirst and juice like orange juice, apple juice, and the likes because patients might require supplements.

A small library

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A good nurse’s office should have a small library stocked with reference books regarding human anatomy. A nurse could quickly seek or gain knowledge about a patient’s comfort by going through reference books.


With the above, you’ll have an idea of the necessities of a nurse’s office. If all these items are in place, it’ll make the office more organized, more efficient, and more welcoming to patients.