The Best Running Shorts for Men in 2021

The Best Running Shorts for Men in 2021

A pair of good running shorts makes you cool, dry, comfortable and looking your best. Running shorts are very breathable, versatile, and ideal for workouts too. They’re not exclusive to the summer period only( though the best season for the best running shorts is during summer and/or when the weather is warm). In addition, combining them with the simplest compression tight and/or the simplest compression socks for running offers complete freedom of movement. When it involves choosing your running shorts (and other running clothing), there are some important guidelines you ought to follow, and they include:

  • Moisture management/ sweat-wicking technology – does it have this feature, and how good is it?
  • The fit – are they comfortable?
  • Price range – is it worth the money, and can you justify the price?

Furthermore, whether you run on a track, jog through the streets, or you prefer trail runs, you need to invest in a good pair of shorts that will help you get the most out of your run while you remain as comfortable as possible. Do you prefer them short or long? Well, below are the best running short options for all types of runners;

Gore R7 2-in-1 shorts

Gore R7 was designed for warm weather. Its outer part is 86% polyester & 14% elastane, while its inner is 78% polyamide & 22% elastane. Even with its design, it’s lightweight, packable, and gives an ample amount of compression to your thighs. This short has a 10-inch inseam, but your strides won’t feel restricted, thanks to its flatlock seams. You can improve your visibility if you get the Citrus Green colorway (which has some reflective details at the back and the front). In addition, it also features two elastic side pockets on the side for gel packs and a zip pocket at the back for keys/phone and other small stuff.

Under Armour Qualifier Speedpocket 18 cm/7-inch Linerless Shorts

Under Armour is the best mid-length shorts for running. It’s 88% Polyester/12% Elastane with an inseam of 18 cm/7-inch. It features a speed pocket, an expandable front-facing pocket integrated into the waistband that could hold your phone or serve as safe storage. This short also has some reflective details for low-light runs and side pockets. These pockets don’t have zips, so it’s not advisable to put anything valuable in them. However, they’re rather great for shoving your hands in when the need arises.

TCA Endurance 2-in-1 Running Shorts

The TCA Endurance 2-in-1 Running Shorts is a perfect type of shorts for those intermediate periods when it’s not quite warm just yet but too warm for full-length tights. It is also perfect for those crisp mornings when the sun hasn’t woken up yet, and you need a bit of extra warmth around the quadriceps muscle area. It features an 8-inch inseam length, and it’s not too warm and not uncomfortable to run in, thanks to the mesh panels on both sides of the legs. Although it also has two zipped pockets which serve as safe storage to store your valuables such as phones or keys, you must keep in mind that if the TCA Endurance 2-in-1 shorts get wet, they might get heavy, so it’s advised not to wear them when it rains as it may weigh you down.

Saucony Interval 9-inch 2-1 Shorts

Saucony is made of Stretch Ultrasilk 2.0 (83% Polyester, 17% Spandex), Hydralite Reneu (100% Polyester), and also a Stretch Mesh Liner (91% Polyester, 9% Spandex). The Saucony Interval 9-inch 2-1 Shorts look pretty unflattering and are very comfortable to wear. They won’t restrict your movement during running though the integrated compression lining will not keep your thighs warm and oxygenated. It also features a large slip-in pocket that could serve as safe storage for phones or other valuables. In addition, the Saucony Interval 9-inch 2-1 Shorts features some reflective elements though it’s still best to wear a head torch for added safety.

Asics Men’s Woven 7-Inch Shorts

The Asics Men’s Woven 7-Inch Shorts is one of the best shorts that will keep you warm to improve your performance while you run. This 7-inch woven short features a lightweight and soft fabric for breathability. It’s designed to keep your legs insulated on your run and also to block out the wind. Asics Men’s Woven 7-Inch Shorts offers an enhanced performance to make your long runs faster and shorter.


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