The Best Running Gloves in 2021

The Best Running Gloves in 2021

A pair of good running gloves is important if you’re looking to go running in the cold. It’s definitely interesting to run in cold weather provided you have the right running gear; otherwise, you’ll be cursing the cooler temperatures. Obviously, running shoes are the most important piece of gear for a runner, and running gloves sometimes come second during November–March. Even during the summer, when the temperature is not in the sub-zero region, running gloves can still come in handy if you would like to keep your paws warm until your body has generated enough heat from running. Your hands get cold quickly compared to other parts of your body because when you’re running in the winter, your blood flows back to your chest cavity to feed oxygen to your vital organs. If you have your hands exposed, they may become painful, dry, and sore.

Below are the best running gloves in 2021;


The Nike sphere 360 is an excellent breathable and lightweight running glove intended for keeping you warm during the coldest and nastiest weather. These gloves are designed with a Dri-FIT fabric which makes them stay warm even when they’re wet. The Nike sphere 360 gloves also drain moisture away from you, allowing these gloves to dry quickly. In addition, they have a silicone grip in their fingertips and palm, allowing easy and firm access to your other gadgets without removing your gloves. A tight cuff keeps cold air from getting into the gloves. Overall, The Nike sphere 360 is a good choice to help you stay safe while running.


These gloves are well known for their ability to keep you warm on cool days while being thin enough as a base layer on really cold runs. The Under Armour’s Liner 2.0 is designed with unique features that help keep out rain and snow while still maintaining their breathability. They are made with elastane and polyester, with both having a high draining ability that allows for a stretch but snug fit. In addition, they also have tight-fitting cuffs and a rubber fabric on the fingers for easy use of your gadgets and to keep cold air from seeping inside.


The Smartwool Merino 150 wool gloves are another high-performance (made of 87% Merino Wool and 13% Nylon) running gloves for serious runners to use in the fall or winter. They remain warm even when it’s wet, making them a perfect choice for runners in winter. You may still feel the wetness from the snow as they melt on the gloves, but your hands remain warm due to these gloves. However, the Smartwool Merino 150 wool gloves aren’t the best options in the rain as the coldness of the rain(as well as the wind) will end up piercing the glove. Besides that, these gloves would have been better if they had a reflective surface- to make the rubber more visible to other road users at night.


These are excellent all-around and budget-friendly running gloves. They’re stretchable, easy to fit, easy to wash and stay odor-free even after heavy usage. These New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves have gripping tractions on the palm, allowing you to easily handle your gadgets( phone, water bottle, etc.) without slipping off while running. They also have few reflective surfaces, making them a good option to try even during night runs. Besides the reflective surfaces, they also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips and a thin layer of material to keep your fingers warm during cool days. These New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves are also suitable for running during light rain as they can resist water until they become fully soaked.


These gloves are touch-screen friendly and lightweight with high reflective surfaces(most reflectivity on the market), making them ideal for use in night runs. The Brooks Carbonite Gloves are designed using polyester and spandex, giving them a streamlined appearance, wind, and water-resistance, and are easy to fit. They feature extended cuffs, which are great for covering your wristwatch while you’re running. The Brooks Carbonite Gloves also feature driLayer fabric, which is stretchy for comfort and wicks moisture and sweat from the gloves. They also feature magnetic buttons to keep the gloves paired when not in use.


These running gloves are ultra-lightweight and tightly fitted, making them a perfect choice for runners looking for something to protect them during the long exercise. The lightness and tightness of these gloves help you maintain efficiency in long runs, including marathons, and it also helps to drain moisture and sweat more effectively. They have mesh inserts that allow your hand to vent directly to the outside once they’ve warmed up. The TrailHeads Running Gloves are also rain-resistant though they’re not wind resistant.


The Zensah Smart Running Gloves are designed using polyamide and elastane, making them a substantially warm pair of gloves for running in cold weather. These running gloves combine unique features, including high breathability, reflective straps, and few more features. The Zensah Smart Running Gloves also feature a nose-wipe-friendly fabric swatch and a good gripping palm. Another unique feature of these smart running gloves is that they have touchscreen-compatible points on the fingertips. 

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