The 6 Best Rowing Machines of 2021

The 6 Best Rowing Machines of 2021

Rowing machines are great for total body workouts or fitness as they combine cardio and strength. Rowing machines help engage the core muscles, build endurance, and maximize your workout without putting too much pressure on your joints. This makes them exercise ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. A traditional rowing machine has two handlebars, while others may have two. These machines have multiple resistance mechanisms, including hydraulic, water, wind, or magnetic resistance. Before purchasing any machine, it’s important to determine what your goal is. That will quickly help you decide which type of machine is best for you. Below are the best rowing machines in 2021. You can also check out the best treadmills for home use .

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion is an excellent and budget-friendly rowing machine that doesn’t consume much space and gives a great workout. It has a design that puts emphasis on the upper body abs. Instead of using the legs to glide forward and back, you use your arms, chest, and back. Most rowing machines are usually built around a pulley, but this one is built on two large handlebars. It also relies on hydraulic cylinder resistance (this puts you in control of your workout and makes the machine suitable and ideal for small space).

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

The Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is a high-performance machine and is a good rower that doesn’t make too much noise. This excellent rowing machine gets its tension from a magnetic resistance system that keeps your workout surprisingly quiet and challenging. Also, it features an aluminum frame that keeps your workout stable and sturdy. It features a padded seat that keeps you comfortable and cushioned during your rowing exercise. And the non-slip pedals keep your feet firmly in place as you row. In addition, you can also fold up this rowing machine for storage, shrinking it to half its size when you’re done with your workout.

Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Unlike most rowing machines that offer a total-body workout, the Stamina Orbital Rowing Machine offers a dynamic workout. This excellent machine has two large handlebars instead of the common single handle on a pulley. This gives your arms a better range of motion as you row. It has a design that helps challenge more muscles in your upper body while strengthening the lower body and your core as well; this results in a killer workout from head to toe. This machine gets its tension from hydraulic cylinder resistance, and it features an adjustable tension dial that makes your workouts challenging. Also, its padded seat keeps you comfortable while you row.

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower

If comfort is your priority, it’s advised to invest in a good recumbent rowing machine such as Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Rower. Unlike most machines, this machine offers a full seat for you to rest while you work out. This makes it more supportive and comfortable than other rowing machines. You can also use the machine for a cycling workout. All you need do is slide your seat toward the front of the machine. After that, slip your feet into the front-most set of pedals, grip the sides of your seat, and start pedaling. In addition, you can also use the same resistance dial to up the intensity for both workouts ( cycling and rowing).

Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is a great option if you’re really low on space and don’t have room for a traditional rowing machine. The Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Rowing Machine has a unique upright design, and you can get a dynamic workout within a much smaller footprint. This machine uses a format that makes your rowing workout more focused on the lower body than the upper body, but you still get the opportunities to challenge the core and upper body as well. The textured pedal of this rowing machine offers plenty of traction, and it features non-slip handlebars which are easy to grab. 

Foldable Rowing Machine w/ LCD Monitor

This is an excellent foldable rowing machine that’s also durable and sturdy. You can easily fold this workout machine after you’re done with your intense workout to make room for other activities. The 16 magnetic resistance levels keep you challenged while this machine’s frame remains stable during your workout. Because it’s foldable, this design makes it easy to store it against the wall. You can also tilt it onto its transport wheels and roll it into another room.


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