Rose Water for Natural Hair

Rose Water for Natural Hair

Do you want to know what rose water can do for your natural hair? Rose water is a fluid made by steam distilling or combining rose petals and rose oil. This water contains the active nutritional component of roses, making it an excellent choice for natural hair. 

Most perfumes and skincare products, such as toners and face washes, use rose water as a component. Rose water is just a mixture of rose petals and water created by steeping rose petals in water to extract the essential oils. 

Furthermore, rose water is high in flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E, making it an excellent moisturizer for the skin, face, and hair. It also has anti-inflammatory effects that have been shown to help with skin diseases, including eczema and rosacea.


Reasons why your natural hair may not be growing

  • You are cutting your hair often 
  • You are not moisturizing your hair
  • Poor hair care routine
  • You keep picking your hair
  • You don’t have a proper diet
  • Buildup of products and oils on your scalp
  • You use chemicals on your hair
  • You don’t know your hair porosity
  • Excessive shedding and breakage
  • Too much heat on your hair
  • Washing your hair with hot water
  • You are not protecting your hair at night
  • You are over-processing your hair

Is rose water good for natural hair?

Rose water is a natural, nutrient-rich, and mild solution with a number of advantages for natural hair. It has a PH that is approximately the same as that of hair, making it effective at balancing hair PH. 

Rose water is also high in vitamins, which nourish the hair follicle and help it develop. Because of its antibacterial characteristics, rose water can also be used to prevent and treat scalp infections. 

Is rose water good for hair growth?

The sweet-smelling liquid can also help you grow your hair. Rose water is high in vitamin A, which is necessary for cell formation and thus excellent for hair growth. 

Rose water is also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron and collagen production, both of which are necessary for hair lengthening. 

Benefits of rose water for natural hair

Rose water users frequently extol its benefits for their tresses. The following is a list of rose water’s natural hair benefits: 

1.  Hair and skin hydration

Water is the most crucial component for your natural curls to thrive. If you’re tired of using ordinary water to hydrate and condition your hair, rose water can be a great alternative. 

2.  Aromatic and calming

Do you enjoy the seductive scent of roses? Then you may enjoy smelling them in your natural curls all day. 

Rose water has a lovely perfume that can be used as aromatherapy after a long day. 

3.  Softening conditioner

Rose water can be used as a softening conditioner to make your hair smoother, fuller, and more bouncy. Because it is distilled and free of hard minerals like calcium, rose water outperforms most other types of water.

Minerals in your hair can build up over time, making your hair brittle. Rose water softens hair, especially if you live in a city with hard water. 

4. Antibacterial and cleansing

Suppose you’re looking for a scalp cleanser. In that case, rose water is antibacterial and great for removing bacteria on the hair and scalp without being overly drying.

Rose water spray can also be used on hair extensions. It will assist in cleaning your braids without the need to properly wash them. 

Rose water also cleans the scalp and prevents the growth of scalp fungus. 

5. Great for scalp health

Rose water is a moderate astringent, so it’s ideal for reducing oiliness and soothing an itchy scalp. Besides that, it also has anti-inflammatory effects, making it useful in the fight against fungal infections. 

This means that if you have dandruff caused by a fungal infection, adding rose water to your hair routine can help you get rid of it quickly. 

In addition, rose water is also beneficial for a dry scalp and can help with psoriasis and eczema problems. 

6. Promotes hair growth

Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B3 are all found in rose water, and they all help strengthen the hair. It’s also high in flavonoids, tannins, and antioxidants, which help to prevent scalp and follicle cell aging. 

Rose water is popular among women who want to grow their hair since it stimulates the scalp and reduces hair loss. 

Ways to use rose water for natural hair

Here are some of the ways to use rose water to your natural hair:

1.  Moisturize dry hair and scalp

You can moisturize your natural hair and soothe your scalp with rose water if you have dry hair or a dry scalp. Your hair will naturally become less dry and frizzy as your scalp is revitalized. 

Spraying rose water on your strands will also help your hair regain its bounce and luster. 

  • Mix rose water and glycerin in a spray bottle to moisturize dry hair or scalp. 
  • Spray onto hair and massage into scalp. 
  • Let it sit for an hour before you rinse with shampoo. 
  • You may also use it as a regular moisturizer for your hair. 

2.  Remove dandruff

Rose water is known to be one of the most effective natural dandruff treatments. When applied to the scalp, it is a mild astringent that can help with blood circulation and reduce dandruff. 

Massage it in after application and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off. 

3.  Add to your shampoo

This is the most straightforward approach to incorporate rose water into your natural hair care. 

Add a few drops of rose water to your shampoo and use it to wash your hair. 

This will leave your hair smelling fresh and nourished. 

4.  Use as an after shampoo rinse

Use the rose water as a final rinse after shampooing your hair. Take a cup of rose water and use it to rinse your hair, but don’t wash it off. 

It will leave your hair shiny, conditioned, and smelling amazing. 

5.  Helps with excess oils

If you have an oily scalp, rose water can assist in reducing the amount of oil produced. 

Because rose water’s pH is ideal for nourishing hair, it also nourishes your scalp and prevents excess oil production.

Any side effects of rose water on natural hair?

Rose water should have no adverse effects for the majority of people. 

But, if you are allergic to rose petals, it may produce burning, redness, or itching when applied to the scalp. This should only happen in exceptional circumstances. 

The vast majority of people should enjoy the benefits of rose water without experiencing any negative side effects. 

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