The Best Pull Buoys for Swimming

If you’re trying to improve your swimming performance, one of the essential swimming gear you need is a pull buoy. Pull buoys help swimmers build upper body strength and focus on stroke technique. They are commonly made of soft foams that can withstand many hours of exposure to sunlight and chlorine. The main goal is to eliminate kicking while swimming, make you stronger(in the upper body), and improve your swimming technique. With pull buoys, you can swim farther because your legs do not consume as much oxygen as they would if you were using them to keep balance. In addition, pull buoys are usually roughly the shape of an “8”, and they’re either symmetrical or have one narrow end and one wide end for a slightly more ergonomic fit. They also come in two main silhouettes: One-piece and two-piece. 

Furthermore, we buy swimming pull buoys to help maximize training. So, the pull buoys you choose must be fit, buoyant enough to pull your hips and legs to the surface and be able to easily hold the body in place. Below are the best pull buoys for swimming in 2021;

Finis Pull Buoy

The Finis Pull Buoy has a yellow color, as found in basically all FINIS products. It’s manufactured from EVA foam and comes in two sizes: an adult and a junior size. The design of the finis Pull buoy is quite flawless. It really lifts the hips and legs to enable you to swim properly, and your body is appropriately positioned gliding on the water surface. Your streamline is also improved with this pull buoy. In addition, it’s particularly a good option for women and youth because its shape gives excellent support.

TYR float Pull Buoy

This is another great product from the top-rated manufacturing brand, TYR. The TYR Pull Float is great for building your upper body strength. Its shape is ergonomic, and it is made from EVA foam to deliver pure quality to you and weighs only 3.2 ounces. The finish on this foam is extra smooth, so you can relax about discomfort on your skin. This pull buoy is excellent for people with a bigger frame, and it proves very high buoyancy while in the water.

Speedo Pull Buoy

This is also a fantastic pull buoy made by Speedo, which makes your swimming way more comfortable and productive. It’s also made from soft and durable EVA foam, which provides great buoyancy while still gentle on your inner thighs. In addition, its design makes it sits well between your load, avoiding straining as well as preventing the buoy from slipping out. Besides that, the Speedo Pull buoy is also very resistant to harmful substances in the water, such as chlorine. Overall, it’s an excellent pull buoy for the majority of swimmers.

Arena Freeflow Pull Buoy

This buoy is built from a kind of material that differs from the regular EVA foam. It’s a combination of 80% polietilenic and 20% of polypropylene. This “8- shape” pull buoy is designed for optimum buoyancy and comfort. It weighs only 0.16 ounces, making it ideal for beginners who have no experience controlling their arm stroke or shaping their own position. The buoy is actually made in France then imported into the USA. It is now on sale worldwide on multiple popular shopping platforms.

Crown Core Aquatic Fitness Pull Buoy

This buoy allows your legs to rest rather than scissor kicking, and this lengthens your training time and improves your swimming ability. With this buoy, you can master your techniques better underwater as the buoy creates a competitive stroke. The Crown Core Aquatic Fitness Pull Buoy is a good option for both teenage and adult swimmers for its dimensions are large.

VERISA Swim Training Float Pull Buoy

This buoy is very portable and easy to store, making it easy for swimmers to carry with them. It is made from the regular EVA foam that doesn’t chafe or irritate your skin. This VERISA Swim Training Float Pull Buoy also helps correct your posture while underwater because the swimming position plays a role in making a skillful swimmer.

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