As your baby grows into a big kid, usually above 3 years of age, and begins to feel independent, you might want to opt for a baby potty seat rather than a potty chair. Potty seats save you the stress of disposing of your little one’s pee or poo into the regular adult toilet because it sits directly on top of your toilet. In addition, potty seats sit on top of the adult toilet in a way that reduces the size of the regular seat so your little one won’t fall through. They are also known as toilet trainers, potty rings, or seat reducers. Although any child can use them, potty seats are best for bigger toddlers. That is why many moms use a potty chair at first and later transition to a potty seat when their little one grows into big kids.

Potty seats come with many benefits, part of which is that there is less cleaning involved since waste goes straight into the toilet, and you simply flush. One important thing to note is you should remember to measure your toilet seat to ensure that the potty seat will fit before purchasing. Potty seats come in two types: regular potty seats and two-in-one potty seats. Here are some factors to check for: splash guard, storage hook, cushioned seat, fastener, and of course, cost. Below are the best potty seats on the market.

GrowthPic Toddler Toilet Seat with Ladder

This cutely designed toddler toilet seat comes in all pink shade with an adorable bear theme to complement its beauty. This is a good pick for your cute baby as soon as he/she is feeling ready for independence. With a GrowthPic Toddler Toilet Seat with Ladder, your baby can sit for as long as she wants without feeling uneasy because it helps cushion the seat to boost comfort. Aside from that, the toilet seat comes with a ladder that your little cutie would appreciate greatly because it gives her more independence, so she can always go whenever she needs to poop or pee, all by herself with little or no supervision at all. It has a non-skid base, so your baby won’t slip over. The step is wide, with grab handles at the top for your baby to grip. The step height is adjustable and folds up for storage.

Boshaosumo Potty Seat for Toddlers

Boshaosumo is perfect for boys and girls going through potty training. This potty seat comes with a backrest and handles to help make your baby comfortable and provide him with some support, especially if he’s new to the toilet. It also features a large splash guard, which helps prevent the whole place from getting messy. The potty seat is stable enough as it comes with adjustable arms that help keep the seat firmly attached to the toilet and a non-skid strip for more security. Boshaosumo Potty Seat for Toddlers does not fit all toilet seats, so be sure if it fits your toilet before buying one.

BabyBjörn Potty Seat

BabyBj√∂rn Potty Seat is designed with kids’ comfort in mind. The potty seat is ideal for both genders. It features an adjustment module underneath the seat, allowing for a perfect fit on top of most toilet seats. It also has a sleek built-in hook for hanging and a built-in splash guard that helps prevent messes. The top of the seat has a design that helps toddlers sit on the toilet correctly. The lightweight potty seat is easy to place on and off your toilet before and after use. It is also portable enough to take along when on the go. Although the potty seat does not come with side handles for your kid to hold onto, its design keeps your kid stable.

Firares Portable Potty Training Seat

This potty training seat can fold up to fit into your bag conveniently, making it super ideal for traveling. It is a good pick for moms who are often on the road. The cute design potty training seat comes with a waterproof carry bag to transport it rather than your bag. It is made of hard plastic that can conveniently fold into three places, then unfold when it is time for use. In addition, it has silicone pads to hold the potty seat in place. Firares Portable Potty Training Seat fits most toilets and can support babies weighing up to 60 pounds.

Munchkin Toddler Potty Training Seat

This budget-friendly potty seat by Munchkin is made with toddlers’ comfort in mind. The toddler potty seat comes in a smooth shape to boost toddlers’ comfort while sitting. There are handles on both sides of the potty seat for more stability. The lightweight potty seat is super easy to remove and store. It comes with feet that allow it to rest on the floor and loop for easy hanging. There’s also a hook that holds the potty seat firmly to your toilet and a non-slip edging that helps to keep the seat securely in place as your kid uses the toilet.


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