Every mom will surely bleed after birth, and of course, it is normal. This postpartum bleeding is known as lochia. This bleeding lasts for 4-6 weeks, and for some more, worry less if yours takes longer than six weeks; it is normal. However, during this period, every mom needs a pad that prevents leaks and gives them the needed comfort, safe for use, and does not cause irritation. If you are a mom concerned about the environment, you might find reusable cloth pads ideal because they are eco-friendly.

Benefits of Reusable Postpartum Cloth Pads

There are lots of reasons why you would likely choose reusable postpartum cloth pads over disposable pads, part of which are;

-They save you money because you can use them over and over again as soon as you wash and dry them. 

-Reusable pads are more absorbent than disposable pads and less bulky. 

-They offer more comfort, can be stored and reused when your period comes back again or after another child’s birth.

-They save you money, better for the environment and you.

-Reusable pads are more breathable, meaning that you have a chance to heal better, making it a better choice over disposable pads for moms who undergo C-sections.

-They do not slip around, and with reusable pads, say no to irritation because they do not contain any irritant. 

Although postpartum cloth pads may cost more upfront than a pack of disposable pads, they are super durable and will cover the cost of buying pads for years. They also come in beautiful, cute prints too. Below are the top 4 cloth reusable pads on the market.

Charlie Banana Feminine Pads

These super soft reusable cloth pads are eco-friendly and also give moms the comfort needed. They are toxin-free and fragrance-free and do not cause irritation. They are greatly harmless and free of harmful chemicals. These reusable pads pack comes with three reusable pads that are made primarily from polyester. They are durable and will save you money for the long term. These pads create less waste, making them an excellent pick for moms concerned about their environment. Charlie Banana Cloth Feminine Pads are very effective and absorbent, thus preventing leaks. They feature two snaps that go round your underwear to stay in place. They are machine-washable and can be dried in a dryer after each use and reused next time.

Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads

These reusable cloth pads are ideal for heavy flow and overnight flow. They offer enough protection to use postpartum. These eco-friendly cloth pads come in five in a pack, with each soft pad promising ultimate protection with cotton microfleece layers that help protect the skin. With these pads, you can say goodbye to disposable pads, making it a good investment and saving you money. The pads come with double charcoal bamboo layers, meaning they are naturally dark, so they do not look as stained up as bright-colored pads will. They also have cloth wings that help put the pads in the right place when secured by a snap. The bamboo-based cloth pads are not only good for the environment but also good for your body. Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads are odor-resistant, free of harsh chemicals, do not irritate the skin, washable, reusable, and durable. These efficient cloth pads come in different beautiful bright colors. They are easy to fold up for storage and fit into a purse when you are on the go.

Heart Felt Overnight Long Reusable Menstrual Pads

These reusable cloth menstrual pads can last you 10 hours long without leaks. These all-natural reusable pads are super ideal for heavy flow and overnight use. They are very soft and gentle on the skin, and you would probably forget you have one on. They come with snaps, similar to wings on disposable pads, that wrap around the bottom of your underwear to put the pad in place. These charcoal bamboo-infused reusable pads help neutralize odor. The moisture-wicking cloth pads give moms ultimate comfort and protection by keeping them dry without chafing. They are machine-washable, cute, and eco-friendly. No matter how often you wash them, they do not wrinkle or clump, making them very durable and covering you for years. The stain-proof reusable pads are a great investment and assure you 100 percent satisfaction.

Mama Cloth Reusable Pads

These slim and discreet profile reusable pads come in three in a pack. The pads are soft, comfortable, highly absorbent, and reliable. They feature a waterproof backing that helps prevent leaks. These pads also have wings with a snap fastening and a snap that allows them to stay firm in your underwear. They are available in different sizes:

-Mini for light flow,

-Regular for normal flow 

-Maxi for heavy flow

-Maxi plus for very heavy flow 

They are easy to wash, use and fold for storage. These pads are free of harsh chemicals, dye, and fragrances, so they are super cool on sensitive skin and do not cause irritation.


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