The comfort of your baby should be the first consideration when selecting baby diapers. Organic diapers provide more comfort than disposable diapers. Organic diapers are chemical-free diapers made from quality natural materials. These diapers offer high absorbency and are also healthy for babies’ tender and sensitive skin. Organic diapers are naturally dye-free, perfume-free, free of chlorine, latex, phthalates, paraben, and preservatives. They do not have artificial lotions and are hypoallergenic. These eco-friendly baby diapers are super gentle on babies’ delicate skin. Many parents find these diapers appealing as they do not need to worry about harmful chemicals. They also help in environmental conservation as they decompose fast.

Many regular disposable diapers use natural ingredients. They consist of organic cotton but are not 100% organic. Bamboo fiber is the primary material for making organic diapers. It is reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and very absorbent. Bamboo fibers are soft, smooth, and with no doubt hypoallergenic. There are many products from different brands on the market. Hence, you might want to consider cost, safety, fragrance, and materials when buying. All brands/products mentioned here meet these criteria.

Little Toes Bamboo Organic Diaper

This bamboo diaper is an ultra-absorbent natural diaper made with bamboo fibers. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. The top and back sheets are 100% bamboo. The stretchable side fasteners allow the body to move freely, and it fits both newborns and toddlers. This highly absorbent organic diaper helps keep the baby dry. They keep babies comfortable and reduce the appearance of diaper rashes. The diaper is free of perfume, chlorine, alcohol, paraben, latex, phthalates, and additives. It comes with a wetness indicator that changes color, indicating the time for change. 


Earth’s Best Organic Diapers

This diaper comes in different sizes. Sizes range from sizes for newborns up to size six. They are made of breathable materials and are super absorbent,The diaper comes with a comfortable, secure fit with moisture wicks and stretchable side fasteners. This  help keep moisture away from the baby and prevent leaks. Earth’s Best Diapers are free of fragrance, chlorine, dye, and other harmful chemicals. The diapers comprise natural and biodegradable materials. They are great for heavy wetters and overnight use. Earth’s Best Diaper is softer and flexible than most organic diapers.


 Naty by Nature Diapers for sensitive skin 

This diaper consists of biodegradable materials that do not pollute the environment. They are super soft and comfy for baby’s sensitive and soft skin. They are eco-friendly, hygienic, and manufactured to provide comfort for babies. This diaper is free of chlorine, alcohol, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and dye. It keeps babies dry and comfortable and comprise durable materials that prevent leaks. This diaper is approved by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, AB Vincotte.


Andy Pandy Bamboo Diapers

This biodegradable diaper is suitable for delicate babies ‘ skin. The diaper comprises high-quality materials that prevent leaks. This hypoallergenic diaper is soft and very comfortable for babies. This antibacterial diaper helps prevent any skin irritation caused by a wet or soiled diaper. It comes with aloe liner and moisture wicks that help wick moisture away from your baby’s tender skin. The natural diaper is free of chlorine, preservatives, latex, phthalates, alcohol, and PVC. It has a wetness indicator that lets you know when your baby needs a diaper change.


Earth-Aden Baby Diaper

This diaper consists of an extra-soft liner that is gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. Earth-Aden diaper is hypoallergenic, free of latex, perfume, chlorine, lotion, hence safe for newborns. The absence of harmful chemicals makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The diaper comes with a breathable outer cover that keeps the baby dry and comfortable. It also comes with a fit grip, a soft and stretchable waistband. This diaper provides leakage protection for 12 hours long and is relatively cheap.