As a nurse or a nursing student, you might wonder what type of tools or equipment are handled by a nurse in the workplace. The nursing tools below are a must-have to boost your effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace.

The most essential basic nursing tools are:


A stethoscope is one of the most important nursing tools and it’s used to determine the frequency of internal organs like the heart, lungs, and liver. A stethoscope is one of the most important tools of a nurse. It’s used to listen to internal bodily functions and to diagnose patients. 



Scissors and Medical tape/ Band-Aids

 Scissors are simply used for cutting materials. As typical as it sounds, it is very handy when it comes to nursing. Nurses use this simple nursing tool to cut through medical gauze, wound dressings, bandages, and in cases of emergency, to cut off a patient’s clothing. Medical tape, band-aids, and bandages shouldn’t be far from the proximity of a nurse. They are used to reduce bleeding and are used to dress wounds. Nurses must wield these items in case of emergencies.


Hand sanitizer

Sanitary is very important at the hospital. Hand sanitizers are very important to mobile medical practitioners such as a nurse. After every diagnosis, a nurse is expected to sanitize before attending to another patient. It does not only reduce the spread of contagious diseases, it protects the nurse from contacting them.



Retractable pen and clipboard 

It is well known that nurses take down notes about their patients. Such notes include results of diagnosis and information about a patient. To take down such notes, one must avail himself to a pen, a retractable pen if you will. A retractable pen is preferred because it is more stress-free compared to the one with a cover. A clipboard is more like a notebook with a hardcover, enabling the writer to take down notes while standing. This type of notebook is recommended because, as a nurse, there’s rarely any time to sit around. A retractable pen and clipboard are essential.



A thermometer is a device used to determine the temperature of a body. Thermometers  comes in many forms, but the most preferred by medical practitioners is the mercury thermometer. A nurse should be able to use a thermometer because it tells a lot about a patient’s health. The temperature of the body will define how critical the situation is. It is a must-have.




A smartphone will keep you organized at all times. It will also help keep track of schedules, set reminders, and stay in constant contact with your peers. Smartphones also enable you to seek information from the internet at ease. A smartphone to a nurse is more of a companion than a device because it improves your efficiency and provides information at all times.



Hand gloves

Hand gloves are a necessity for all medical practitioners. They protect the wearer and the patient from contracting diseases. During surgeries, hand gloves are used when dealing with exposed organs without running the risk of contamination and are also used in the lab during tests or while working on some viruses and the likes. Hand gloves are employed to protect lab scientists and nurses.



Medical penlight 

A penlight is a lightweight and handy flashlight used by medical personnel to observe body parts and internal organs’ functionality during surgeries. Penlights are often used to check parts of the body where light is scarce. It’s employed when observing the dilation of pupils, the middle/ inner part of the ear, and to examine the mouth or throat of a patient. Medical light pens are important to medical professionals who need to get a better comprehension of patients’ health, both cognitive and physical. 


OTC Medications

OTC Medications refer to over the counter medications. These medicines include ibuprofen, paracetamol, and other basic medicines. Such medications are really handy when it comes to nursing. A patient’s condition might require nothing more than a quick prescription, and that’s when OTC medications come into play. These medicines are easily prescribed to patients, even without having to visit the hospital. Such medications are essential and should be with a nurse always.


These are some of the basic nursing tools needed by a nurse during working hours. Though it seems lengthy, all essential tools should be kept in a medical bag. A medical bag will keep you organized and ready for action at all times.


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