For a certified and employed nurse, nursing gears are essential tools for a successful nursing career. Many see these equipment as a necessary part of being a nurse, and they are not wrong because they are essential for performing their duties properly. For a nurse to thrive, he/she must be organized, comfortable, and skilled when handling such equipment because these specific tools could easily guarantee success in the said field.

Below are some of the essential nursing gears a nurse must have.


Surely, at some point, we have all come across a stethoscope. It remains one of the most essential nursing gears and must be at hand at all times. Before using a stethoscope, it must go through sterilization to prevent the spread of disease. A stethoscope amplifies frequencies from internal organs like the lungs, heart to give the nurse an idea of the patient’s internal health. In case of an emergency, a nurse with a stethoscope could easily deduce the problem and how bad the situation is, unlike a nurse without one. A stethoscope is a vital tool, and all nurses must have it with them at all times. 


Medical Bag

Medical bags, from the name, refers to bags carried by medical professionals. They come in different sizes depending on the preference of the nurse and the department of the nurse. A medical bag is a nurse must-have because it enables them to store all their needed equipment in one place. It also gives their organizational paradigm an advantage. A medical bag guarantees peace of mind in which the nurse doesn’t have to worry about her equipment because they’re all kept in a central place. 



A smartphone, as typical as it sounds, is essential for a medical practitioner. This is because this device helps them stay organized, allows them to seek information easily, ease communication with fellow colleagues, and keep track of their work time and schedules. Though some might consider smartphones as a distraction, that’s not the case when dealing with nurses. They can harness valuable information from the internet at their comfort. A Smartphone is undoubtedly necessary for medical practitioners.




Another essential tool is a wristwatch. Being able to keep and watch time is really important for medical professionals, especially nurses. Because nurses are responsible for assessing a patient’s health firsthand, they must keep time for blood pressure readings, vitals, and recording information. Watches are essential for keeping tabs on a patients’ condition and the issues involved. Watches also help keep track of patients’ internal health when using a stethoscope or when dealing with organs that function with time rhythms.


Medical Penlight

Just like businessmen with pens, nurses walk around with a penlight. A penlight is a lightweight and handy flashlight used by medical personnel to observe body parts and internal organs’ functionality during surgeries. Penlights are essential for checking pupils’ dilation, the middle/ inner part of the ear, and examining the patient’s mouth or throat. Medical penlights are important to medical professionals who need to better understand a patient’s health, both cognitive and physical. It is a very important tool, and it’s a must-have nursing gear.


Nursing Clipboard and Pen

We all know nurses are responsible for taking down patients’ information. A clipboard is a notebook attached to a thick board, which enables the user to write without additional support (tables). Clipboards make it easier for medical professionals to write while standing up. These are essential for the privacy of patient information as well. A pen is also necessary. Pens are ideal for medical professionals so that they’re able to take down notes concerning a patient’s health or other essential information about their work.



A thermometer is used for determining the temperature of a patient. Nurses should have a thermometer on hand to monitor a patient’s body temperature. This device is one of the most essential nursing gears for checkups and can often be what gives nurses an idea of underlying health issues. Digital thermometers are necessities for all medical professionals. 


Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a small device that aids medical experts monitoring the amount of oxygen in a patient and the patient’s pulse. They are small devices that are important to nurses. This equipment is ideal for nurses because of its portability. It allows them to get medical information about their patients’ oxygen supply at any moment in time. 


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