Breastfeeding your baby usually comes with this confidence and inner joy. How about doing it in public or amidst strangers? Do you still feel confident in yourself or feel a little funny or shy to do so? Then a breastfeeding cover may be just what you need to gain back the confidence.

Why Nursing Covers?

Even though nursing covers are not compulsory for breastfeeding moms, getting one is never a wrong choice if you are likely to breastfeed in public. Why? Because a nursing cover gives you your desired privacy and makes you feel more comfortable, especially in the early days when you are still figuring out the whole breastfeeding thing. Aside from giving you the confidence to breastfeed your little one in public, a nursing cover can also shield your little one from the sun or wind if you’re breastfeeding outside. Even when your baby becomes more aware of her surroundings, these nursing covers might help her feed no distractions. However, whether or not you want to opt for one ball down to personal choice.

Which Nursing Covers Should You Buy?

Haven decided to get one; the big question is, which one is the right one for you? Unlike many other baby gear that comes with guidelines or recommendations, nursing covers do not come with any, so picking the right option is really about finding one you feel comfortable wearing. With lots of nursing cover out there, it is important to get the ones that are easy to use, machine-washable, soft, breathable, and touchable for baby’s comfort. It should also be versatile and give you the needed coverage. Here are the best 4 nursing covers on the market.


This soft, stretchy quality rayon blend nursing cover is unique for its versatility. It works as a nursing cover and as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, and an infinity scarf. This nursing cover fits most car seats and can be used by most moms. It comes in a poncho-style design that allows you access to your baby easily, giving you the needed coverage while you are nursing. COPPER PEARL MULTI-USE COVER comes in about 16 different designs with a wide range of cute colors and patterns. So, finding something that suits your personal taste would not be a hassle. This nursing cover is adaptable, and you can use it all year round. It suits all-weather, and it’s easy to wash, fold and keep.


This shawl-like nursing cover is made of a soft, sustainable bamboo blend. This seamstress’s crafted nursing cover provides natural UPF 50+ sun protection for your little one. It features a flattering drape that suits all sizes and shapes. The nursing cover provides full coverage for a nursing baby plus an open side for easy nursing. It is super comfortable for both mom and baby. It is easy to use, store, wash, and dries fast. You can also use it as a sun shield for babies on car trips and strolls.


This nursing cover is made of lightweight, breathable muslin that helps keep both the baby and the mom cool and comfortable. The apron-style nursing cover features a flexible neckline that ensures the baby gets plenty of air. It also allows you and your baby to maintain eye contact during feedings and has an adjustable neck strap. This versatile cover does not only play a nursing cover role, but you can also use it as a changing mat, blanket, stroller shade, and car seat canopy for shade against sunlight during sunny days. The portable cover is easy to fold and does not take much space, so you can toss it in a diaper bag when on the go. Bebe Au Lait Muslin Nursing Cover comes in different beautiful prints and colors. It is easy to use, wash, and suitable for summertime.


This nursing cover is made of breathable cotton that is suitable for hot weather and allows your babies to have plenty of air while feeding. The cover is a good pick for parents with twins. With two babies feeding under this cover, they get enough air circulation essential for the babies. This nursing cover comes with a special Rigiflex neckline that helps the cover a bowed shape. The versatile nursing covers can also be used as a car seat cover. It features two pockets, so you can keep small items in them. It also has an adjustable neck strap that allows you to adjust the cover till it fits you perfectly. Hooter Hiders nursing cover is very comfortable for use, machine-washable, and easy to fold up after use for storage.


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