The Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men

The Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men

Mountain bike shorts are mostly taken for granted since they’re one of the simpler pieces of mountain biking kit. However, these shorts provide comfort, and in the long run, they’re always worth it. There are different mountain bike shorts available in the market, and every model has its own distinct combination of fit, features, and price that give it particular strengths and weaknesses. 

The best way to figure out the best mountain bike shorts for you is by trying on different options. In this article, I’ve broken down their features and intended uses to help you figure out which shorts will work best for you. Below are the best mountain bike shorts in 2021.

Endura Singletrack Shorts II

These mountain bike shorts are among the best, and they’ve been part of Endura’s lineup for years. These shorts come with a host of top and some well-considered features such as knee articulation for pads, waist adjusters, good length, and deep zipper pockets. In addition, their nylon fabric is soft to the touch, and the cut is unrestrictive and comfortable, while the harder wearing fabric used on the seat of the shorts improves durability. The seat pad of Endura Singletrack Shorts II is also a darker color.

POC Essential Enduro

These casual-style bike shorts sometimes doesn’t look quite as technical and flashy. This pair of bike shorts have a plethora of technical features. This pair is made from durable and stretchy nylon fabric, and its side stash pockets are zippered. The knee openings are also shaped to work well with kneepads, and the seams are out of high-wear areas. In addition, from reviews, most people love the scratchy fabric and the nice cut of the POC Essential Enduro short – which is why they’ve been picked as one of the best men’s mountain bike shorts of the year.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Shorts

These are excellent bike shorts designed by Troy Lee Designs. Troy Lee has a reputation for making some of the most durable and smartest bike gear. They’re a great option for people who do a little bit of everything and need a short that keeps up with it all. The Troy Lee Designs Skyline Shorts have a versatile fit that works well (with or without knee pads), and the Coolmax fabric blend stretches easily to move you as you pedal. They also have zippered pockets, which serve as safe storage for your phones or tools within easy reach. Also, a low-profile waist closure keeps the shorts up and prevents sliding down.

Fox Ranger

The Fox Ranger is included in this list of best mountain bike shorts, thanks to its amazing features. This pair of shorts has a zippered stash pocket that serves as safe storage for keeping your phone or other valuables. Another amazing feature of this pair of shorts is that it has a comfortable waist ( inspired by goggle straps) and a stretchy elastic with rubber for helping the short stay put and comfortable all day during your ride. The Fox Ranger may not be the flashiest short on the list, but it focuses on the essential and delivers top-end performance no matter where your ride takes you.

Sweet Protection Hunter Light

This pair of mountain bike shorts have a hidden secret that makes it special. This pair is made of wool, unlike most bike shorts which are made from some sort of nylon blend. Being made from wool, these shorts dry very quickly, wicks sweat and moisture away from your body. Most importantly, this pair of shorts won’t smell as funky if you don’t wash it regularly or when it’s very wet.

 The Hunter Light also packs amazing features such as laser-cut ventilation, a comfortable waist adjustment system, and ergonomic stretch panels. It may not have a flashy logo or branding, but it does perform up to expectation. Overall, the soft and light materials make these some of the best men’s mountain bike shorts for hotter climates and summer riding.

Pearl Izumi Summit Shell

This excellent pair of mountain bike shorts are designed to drape lower over your knees so that they overlap your knee pads instead of leaving a weird gap. This pair has a DWR coating that helps wick water or moisture and a high waistband that keeps them comfortably up during your ride. Another amazing feature of these shorts is the pocket design. Instead of just adapting pocket shapes and locations from casual wear, these shorts have easily accessible side pockets that help keep your valuables. Overall, Pearl Izumi Summit Shell is a good option and a year-round bike short.

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