Pregnancy comes with lots of discomforts, and as your belly grows during pregnancy, so does your discomfort. When your baby bump begins to grow bigger, and you tend to be heavier, you need something that can help redistribute the weight, reduce pain and ensure comfort. A good maternity belt will give you support, coverage, and a slightly smoother shape for your clothing to fit that little bit better. Maternity belts can help in different situations during pregnancy and postpartum for some models.

You can use a maternity support belt to help ease pressure on your back and pelvis, to correct poor posture during pregnancy, support the uterus, lower abdomen, if you have sciatica, hernia and if you are expecting twins. It is a necessity for every pregnant mom. When buying one, consider comfort, cost, closure (hook and loop fastener, velcro), gentle compression, better posture, lightweight and weight redistribution. Here are the top 4 maternity belts on the market.

Cabea Baby Belly Band 

"cabeaThis breathable maternity support belt provides gentle compression to the groin area. That way, it helps reduce pelvic pain, likewise back discomfort and hernias. This maternity belt is ideal for moms who have pelvic pain as it offers firm support low down to help lift the abdomen off the pelvis. Cabela Maternity Support Belt immediately relieves pregnancy and postpartum pains, such that you begin to feel at ease as soon as it is on you. It is easy to use, simple to adjust, durable and machine-washable alongside other clothes. This maternity support belt gives support, comfort and it is relatively cheap. You can use Cabela Maternity Support Belt with shoulder straps velcro (sold separately) to relieve back and belly pain. This maternity belt is ideal for use both during pregnancy and postpartum.

AZMED Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy

This doctor-recommended belly band for pregnancy is best for back pain. It is made of breathable fabric that would not allow you to feel hot or sticky under your band. It helps support the abdominal area and helps reduce the discomfort that comes with pregnancy by supporting your baby bump through gentle compression. This maternity band gives the needed support that helps relieve hip and pelvic pains and other relative stretching pains during pregnancy. Likewise, it gives support to the excess pregnancy weight, protecting your back from strain. It comes in one size that can conveniently fit a belly up to 46 inches.

Babo Care Maternity Support Belt

This maternity belt is great if you’re expecting twins. It comes as an elastic material that stretches to fit any size, convenient enough to be worn throughout pregnancy. This maternity belt provides relief from back, pelvic and hip pains as soon as you put it on. It does wonder in supporting weak abdominal muscles and correcting poor posture during pregnancy. It has four durable support bars so it can do all the heavy lifting you need, capable of supporting your belly, waist, hips, and pelvic bone, and hold your stomach firmly in place. With the Babo Care Maternity Belt on, you can bend, sit and work with no hassle. You can have it on while you go about your daily runnings and wear it under any clothing.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

"GabriallaThis elastic maternity belt by Gabrialla is designed with pregnant moms’ comfort in mind. It is made of breathable, flexible, and comfortable perfection that is great for everyday use. It provides support from underneath the belly to comfort you and your baby. This elastic belt also gently wraps your growing bump and eases pressure on your back and pelvis. It also gives you extra support during your usual daily activities, walking, running, and exercising. In addition, this maternity belt helps correct poor posture, relieve the strain on the joints, hips, and back, support the uterus and help you walk and stand with little stress on the back through gentle compression. In addition, it helps reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt comes with an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener option that is easy and quick to adjust and accommodates every size change throughout pregnancy.


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