Maternity Dress: Top 6 Maternity Dresses

One word that every expecting mom should watch out for in a maternity dress is ‘comfort’. There is no law that restricts pregnant moms from wearing anything they want, as long as they are comfortable in them. Expectant moms should be able to show off their baby bumps in style without compromising their comfort, but maternity and fashion do not seem to blend well with most. There is no doubt that wearing dresses that you cherish may help you feel your best and comfortable too. On that note, we bring you the top 6 maternity dresses that are not only stylish but also breathable and stretchy to make you and your bump comfortable.

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1. Amazon Essentials Maxi Dress

This beautifully styled maternity dress comes with a pleated design coupled with a fun and bright color, an ideal pick for pregnant moms who love to wear free and floaty dresses. The dress is stretchy and comfy enough for expecting moms because it is made from 95 percent viscose and 5 percent elastane. It is available in a variety of solid colors.

In addition, Amazon Essentials Maxi Dress can be worn on casual days, as well as for occasions too when you dress up, styling it with your preferred accessories. Although the dress is not made basically as a pregnancy dress, the waistline and the material make it ideal for pregnancy. It is easy to wash and machine washable.

2. Hello Miz Floral Maternity Mini Dress

Do you desire a maternity dress that is not only functional during pregnancy but can also be worn on any occasion? Yet still take you through the nursing period? Then, Hello Miz Floral Mini Dress is an ideal dress. This nursing-friendly maternity dress has a deep v-neck and stretchy top section. 

The top comes in solid color, thereby giving the dress a slimming effect. The floral bottom part complements the dress, giving it a completely adorable look. The mini-length is fair enough, but you can easily pair it with leggings. 

During pregnancy, Hello Miz Floral Mini Dress gives you all the comfort you crave because it is 95% rayon.

3. Bodycon Short Sleeve Dress

Being pregnant does not mean you have to forget all hints of fashion. With Bodycon Short Sleeve Dress, you get to show off your baby bump in style. The stylish, short-sleeved maternity dress is casual and breathable; thus, it is ideal for summer. 

This knee-length dress can also be paired with a cardigan and tights during cool weather. The touch of spandex and ruching will give some stretch over your belly. 

In addition, Bodycon Short Sleeve Dress is available in lots of striped patterns in a variety of colors, likewise, some adorable floral designs, meaning you are definitely going to get one that suits your taste. It is easy to maintain and machine washable.

4. Merokeety Sexy Lace Cocktail Bodycon Dress

Get that sexy and classy look in just one dress. This amazingly designed maternity dress is super great for occasions, party invites. Merokeety Sexy Lace Cocktail Bodycon Dress is modernly designed, with lace inset and a crew neck. The knee-length maternity dress gives expecting moms all the comfort and freedom of movement. 

Although this dress can only be hand washes due to the lace inset, hand washing it is easy and nothing to worry much about. Merokeety Sexy Lace Cocktail Bodycon Dress is available in a lot of color options to pick from.

5. Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress

Looking for a maternity dress that suits a formal occasion such as a wedding, then the Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress is a perfect pick. This ankle-to-floor length maternity dress comes with a fashionable floral pattern that is suitable for a formal occasion. 

You will love that the dress is not tight around the stomach area and is undoubtedly comfortable. Also, the empire waist with a wrap-style will make it perfect for nursing when your little one arrives. It is machine washable.

6. MissQee Coolmee Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

Look extra beautiful and attractive with this off-shoulder maternity maxi dress. This maternity dress is knee length with an off-shoulder neckline. One other unique thing is that the dress has a lotus leaf collar, which most maternity dresses do not possess. The maternity dress is nice enough to wear to a wedding or more formal occasion. 

In addition, this maxi dress is available in many styles, long or short sleeves, plain or flowered, so you have many options to choose from. You and your baby bump are going to get enough comfort because it provides lots of stretch. Ensure you pick the one that gives you a comfortable fit.  

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