Your body expands in all directions during pregnancy, and your breasts are inclusive. However, to prevent discomfort and post-natal sagging, it’s best to wear a supportive and properly fitted bra. And because an ineffective and unsupportive bra means more discomfort, selection of maternity bras should be carefully done. Good maternity bras should help you relieve neck, back, and shoulder pains.

So if you feel your regular pre-pregnancy bra could be used during pregnancy too, well, it will be good to know that your body grows and swells, including your breasts. And that means you are likely going to need a different cup and band size. Likewise, you’ll need more support your regular pre-pregnancy bras cannot give. Flexibility, no underwires, excellent coverage, wide band, soft cups, thick straps, more hooks, and nursing panels are all factors to consider when opting for one. Nevertheless, the pregnancy bras mentioned below are worth buying.

Motherhood Maternity Sports Wireless Maternity Bra

This wireless maternity bra is specially created for plus-sized women. So it would fit well, and you can choose the proper cup and band size for a comfortable fit. This great and versatile option for expecting plus-size moms has an elastic construction to allow for potential changes in breast size due to pregnancy. Besides that, it also comes with thick and supportive straps to keep your breasts firm and prevent them from weighing you down. As a result, you’ll get all the comfort and support you need from this bra and zero to no chance of breast sagging after delivery. It is available in sizes 1x to 3x.

Mothers en Vogue Seamless Maternity Bralette

Mothers en Vogue Seamless Maternity Bralette is made with moms with small breast comfort in mind. The small-breasted mama’s special maternity bra is made of nylon, spandex, and cotton. These materials make this maternity bra ultra-stretchy, meaning it will adjust as your body and breast change. Besides that, you can also use it as a nursing bra after delivery. It comes in cup sizes A to C. As a result, you can wear this low-profile bra under more outfits without feeling constricted or your bra peeking out. Mothers en Vogue Seamless Maternity Bralette has appropriately-sized cups and well-fitted bands to ensure a good fit.

Kindred Braverly Simply Sublime Pregnancy Bras

Pregnancy comes with enough back pain, and it can be discomforting if you have large breasts. However, Kindred Braverly Simply Sublime Pregnancy Bras can help prevent that, as it offers firm support in the shoulders and band. These maternity bras have elastic features to accommodate your changing body. As a result, they’re firm enough to provide good support. In addition, they also have full-coverage cups and a wide band with three clasps, meaning you can be confident enough that your breasts are secure when secured in this bra. Kindred Braverly Simply Sublime Pregnancy Bra combines both comfort and support, and it is ideal for women with big breasts.

EMY Pregnancy Sleep Bra

EMY Pregnancy Sleep Bra comes in a 4-pack and ideal for moms who want to cut down costs. Aside from being budget-friendly, this versatile maternity bra can also play the role of a nursing bra after your little cuties arrive. This made of cotton spandex is soft likewise very supportive. It also has spots where you can insert nursing pads, should you find you are secreting colostrum as your due date approaches.

Hofish 3 Pack Maternity Bras

An unsupportive and ineffective bra can help elevate back, neck, and shoulder pain. These functional maternity brass come with wider under bands that help control excess flab and wide non-slip shoulder straps that keeps the bra securely in place. In addition, they have deeper V-neck designs and unique push-up paddings. As a result, you won’t feel constricted wearing them. Hofish 3 Pack Maternity Bras comes in a pack of three. With these bras, you are surely going to fall in love with your body over again.

Bamboobies Seamless Pregnancy Bra

This maternity bra is suitable for bodies all the way up to size 42-F. It comes with an included extender, meaning larger women can use it too. Bamboobies Seamless Pregnancy Bra is made of super-soft bamboo rayon, meaning it is body-friendly and free of harsh chemicals. The maternity bra is supportive enough, and you can use them during light exercises. In addition, it is also versatile and comes with spots where you can insert nursing pads, making it still useful as a nursing bra when your little one arrives.


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