Best Lap Counters For Swimming

Best Lap Counters For Swimming

Swimming is a whole-body exercise that is gentle on the joints and leaves you feeling great (resulting from the release of endorphins). Many people lose track of the number of laps they have swum during a long set or probably lose counts of the number of laps they have done after a workout. Thus, they’ll need swim lap counters to prevent this. Lap counters are devices(either analog, digital or manual) used for keeping track of swim laps. They can also be used for tracking yards or meters in a practice workout or a swim meet. In addition, they are used regularly by swimmers, coaches, spectators, and officials.

Having the best swimming lap counters can help with your exercise, set goals, and push the limit for a better result. Although many fitness trackers and watches have a distance tracking function, some products are specifically designed just for count laps. Below are the best swim lap counters on the market;

SportCount 200 Swim Lap Counter & Timer

The SportCount 200 Lap Counter & Timer is an excellent choice for swimmers who want to keep track of the number of laps they’ve swum. This lap counter/timer has a simple, hydrodynamic design and adjustable finger strap and adds timing to its primary function of counting laps. This device not only counts laps but also records the fastest and slowest splits. It also monitors the overall time of your swim and the average pace you held throughout your swim. It is waterproof up to 165 feet/ 50 meters, and you can pause at any time during your workout. In addition, it has an onboard memory that holds up to 200 splits or lap times. This counter uses a small nickel battery with a long life.

Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition

This device is a wrist-strap with activity tracking and lap counting as part of its functions. It has a sleek and beautiful design with advanced features such as smart button connectivity, text alerts, swim laps and activity tracking, and vibration notifications. The Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition has a durable aluminum ( aircraft-grade) design for non-stop wear. In addition, it also has a multi-color LED display and vibration motor, smart alarms, and movement reminders. Besides that, it also has replaceable batteries that can last up to seven months. This device also automatically monitors your sleep. However, the only downside of this device is that it doesn’t tell the time.

Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports Watch

This incredible wristwatch-style lap counter with a sleek and stylish design is combined with some awesome features. It is a good choice for most people because it’s super easy to read and simple to operate. This lap counter can store up to 400 workouts in its internal memory and measure the calories burned and distance covered. Besides that, it detects and counts swim laps, the number of strokes per lap, and your pace over each lap. It is water-resistant for up to 50 meters and works well in 25m and 50m pools. In addition, it can hold up to 200 sessions, and it also has a stopwatch and timer function you can use in and out of the pool. However, with this lap counter, data must be recorded manually, and it doesn’t connect to a laptop/computer, so you can’t download your workouts.

 Fitbit Ionic Watch

This watch is designed for swimmers with advanced swim tracking capabilities. It’s the best waterproof Fitbit for swimmers on the market. It has a tough and durable screen made from Gorilla Glass 3, making it scratch and damage-resistant. There’s also a swim mode that enables you to track your laps and stroke style. As a plus, it also has an inbuilt GPS that automatically tracks your workout while swimming or doing other exercises. In addition, the ionic is water-resistant up to 165 feet/50 meters, and it tracks resting and working heart rate through the PurePulse Heart Rate feature. Besides that, it also easily synchronizes with a host of devices (Windows, Mac OS, and Android) from up to 35 feet away. It’s also compatible with Bluetooth headphones and can store up to 300 songs from Pandora. The watch has a decent battery life which can last up to four days.

Digi 1st Tally

This lap counter was originally made for baseball, but it’s now commonly used to count swim laps. It is made from quality materials for accurate counting, and its metal body endures daily usage and impact. You can count either up or down, and there’s a loud and audible beep sound confirmation which you can turn off. It features a large and easy-to-read LCD display to count up to 9,999 and even count down to zero. In addition, Digi 1st Tally is very portable and light-weighted, which makes it easy to be carried around. It can also withstand high water pressure.

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