The Best Kids Gardening Tools/Sets

The Best Kids Gardening Tools/Sets

Plant the seed of love of growing and nurturing plants by introducing your little one to gardening. Gardening activity is one of the most accessible and versatile pastimes for children of all ages and abilities. Along with that, your little one will also reap the benefits of gardening, which is more than just the healthy produce or beautiful flowers. Gardening is a learning opportunity that boosts love of nature, helps kids try new tools, and is also a form of physical activity. However, to help encourage them into the act, it will be ideal to get them the best kids gardening tools. Kids gardening tools/sets will give them access to new tools they can use.

Before purchasing one, you should consider the material used, safety, child’s age, budget, purpose, and the number of pieces. The higher the number of tools in a kids gardening set pack, the better their fun. Here are the top 4 gardening tools for kids available on the market.

Kinderific Gardening Tool Set

This kid gardening tool set from Kinderific has all the qualities you look out for in a gardening set. For a starter, this set is super durable, so it can stand up to rough use by strong children. Aside from durability, the functional set is made of materials that are free of harsh chemicals, meaning they are safe for use by your little ones. This set contains a trowel, a fork, and a hand rake, all with wooden handles, metalheads, and a small string loop. They can use the string loop to hang up their tools after a fun day in the garden.

In addition, this set also contains gloves that are color-coordinated with the rest of the gardening set. There’s a durable multi-pocket tool tote that comes with the kit. If you’re concerned about safety, this set of tools do not have sharp edges, so you can be confident you are getting your little one a safe gardening toolset.

Reasons to buy

They have bright colors that your little one will find attractive

It comes with an adorable tote for tools and treasures

The included grip-palm gloves are washable

Born Toys Kids’Kids’ Gardening Set

Get this kids gardening tools set from Born Toys for your kid, and you won’t regret it. This gardening set comes with a pointed trowel, a square trowel, and a hand rake, all with metalheads securely mounted on a smooth wooden handle. In this set, you will also get a plastic spray bottle, a gardening apron, a sun hat, and a pair of ga gloves for successful activities in the garden. The included gardening apron has a large segmented pocket across the front that provides plenty of room for all of the tools and will suit children from 3 to 7 years old. This apron also has an adjustable neck strap that can be adjusted as your little one grows for a cozy fit. The sun hat has adjustable toggle strings to help keep the hat in place and prevent it from flying off on a windy day.

In addition, this gardening set has a carrying case which the entire set fits into for transporting and storage.

Reason to buy

Tools in the set are super durable

The included apron, gloves, and hat are machine washable

The spray bottle helps your little one prevent watering can spills

FunzBo Flower Gardening Set

With FunzBo Flower Gardening Set, your little ones can enjoy an instant flower garden, rather than the long wait for their plant seeds, flowers, or vegetables to grow. This flower gardening set for kids comes with either green or brown bases and stem pieces that slot into them. You can decide to slide any combination of stamens, petals, pistils, and leaves on top to create a flower garden. Likewise, you can make your flowers and put them into a basket, mug, pot, or any other container of your choice. One other unique thing is a little watering can with which your child can pretend to water their plants.

Reasons to buy

The parts come in ten different colors, so you can be sure to find one that suits your child’s taste.

It teaches the different flower parts

There is no case of dead plants, so no room for an upset.

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Set

This indoor gardening set will make a good pick if you do not have a safe outdoor space where your little one can learn, play and grow. This set comes with three pots that sit on a peapod-shaped tray. With this set, your little one has the chance to nurture some plants of their own. It also comes with a trowel, three solid discs, and three packets of seeds. These included soil discs are dried for transport, but with a little water, they plump up enough to provide a suitable home for the seeds. In addition, the included seeds have been carefully picked so they will grow in small pots, allowing your child to experience the joy of growing healthy plants.

Reasons to buy

The tools are free of phthalate and BPA

It comes with seeds and soil discs

The trowel, tray, and pots are made from recycled materials.

It will make a great choice for kids who live in places with limited backyards, like the city.

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