Best Kettlebells for Home Fitness

Best Kettlebells for Home Fitness

If you can only afford a few pieces of equipment for your home gym or don’t have enough space, a kettlebell should be one of the first items you should consider. Though it may probably appear like any other weight equipment people use in strength training, a kettlebell has surprising versatility. Kettlebells, which you may underrate at the gym, are brilliant and versatile equipment. You can do a full-body workout with a few simple kettlebell exercises to build strength everywhere, from your legs and core to the shoulders and back. Many of these will get the heart pumping and blood flowing. Besides that, kettlebells are also ideal for beginners and experts.

So if building strength in your core muscles and glutes is your aim, or you probably just want to get in some cardio or a combination of both, kettlebells can add variety and challenge to your workout routine. Although kettlebells can perform many of the same exercises as dumbbells, they also allow for more dynamic movements like swings and snatches. You shouldn’t consider kettlebells the same as your average set of dumbbells. So before you buy one, it’s best to consider what weight you need for your kettlebell exercise before buying. However, with so many kettlebells in the market, figuring out the right one for your home gym can be a bit challenging, if not complicated. So, we recommend you check out the list below for our picks on the best kettlebell options for 2021.

Check out some of the types and benefits of kettlebell workouts.

Apex Heavy-Duty Adjustable Kettlebell – APKB-5009

With the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell, you could do kettlebell swings, Russian swings, goblet squats, lunge presses, and many more workouts with just one kettlebell. So, all you need is to adjust to the perfect weight for each exercise on the fly. In addition, this kettlebell allows you to perform large movements with its traditional u-bar handle. This specially designed handle facilitates accurate contact of the hands-on bar for optimal grip and superior control. You will definitely enjoy working out right at home with this functional gym gear! Apart from the above features, these weights are also excellent for lifting, toning, and strength-training exercises. Besides that, they’re good for circuit training and bodybuilding and are adjustable.

POWERT Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight 

These solid, high-quality cast iron kettlebells are designed for developing grip strength, endurance, and overall conditioning. They target all muscle groups and give you versatility within all workouts. In addition, they are covered with protective vinyl for a better look, increased durability, and corrosion protection. The POWER vinyl cast iron kettlebell is clearly marked, available in different sizes; 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, and many more, making it a versatile strength training equipment. Aside from that, they also come in different colors for you to choose from.

Bionic Body Soft kettlebell

Unlike other kettlebells, the Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell is a soft kettlebell by its design. It won’t damage your floor or your foot if it accidentally slips while you’re exercising because they’re made of soft materials. It has a large, durable handle designed for maximum comfort. In addition, it keeps the weight in place as you train, and the kettlebell’s offset center of gravity ensures a unique and versatile workout experience. These kettlebells come in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, and 30lb varieties. That way, you can customize your free weight workouts to suit your needs.

JaxJoxx Rubber Coated Kettlebell 12kg

If you would rather go for a small kettlebell, the JaxJox 8 lb. bell is a good one. The handle is nice and wide, and the rubber coating is solid. Besides that, it also has a flat bottom so you could use two of these to extend pushups. With kettlebells this small, you would need a lot of grip strength to hold them steady during push-ups, but that will be good for you. In addition, this Jaxjox kettlebell is best for high intensity cardio, or for practicing techniques like Turkish Get-Ups with manageable weight. If that’s what you want, this kettlebell will be a great choice for you.


The KettleGryp is another excellent workout accessory that’s compact and versatile for your travel needs or to keep in your everyday gym bag. It’s usually cheap and weighs less than 1 pound. It’s a solution for men or women who want to achieve their fitness goals when working out in the gym or traveling.

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