Every parent is concerned with their baby’s safety. Car seats ensure the safety and comfort of babies in the car. For newborns, young babies right till about 2 years of age, an infant car seat is ideal. Although young babies can also ride in a convertible car seat, infant car seats are suitable for newborns to offer support and protect their tender head, spinal cord, and neck, all of which are still yet to develop full strength and stability. Infant car seats minimize and protect infants and young babies from injury or death during vehicle crashes. 

Importance of Infant Car Seats

As important as an infant car seat is, many hospitals would not allow you to go home with your baby except you have an infant car seat at hand or installed in your vehicle. One of the essential baby gears every new parent would need is an infant car seat. They are made to be attached to a base, which is already installed in your car. You can easily fit it into and out of your car, likewise carried or clipped onto your stroller. AAP recommends that babies use a rear-facing car seat from birth until they outstrip the maximum height or weight of that particular seat.

The rear-facing car seat provides the safest car ride possible for your little one. Therefore, with loads of infant car seats present on the market today, you might want to put into consideration: the cost, your vehicle size, shape, ease in washing, seat size and weight, the fabric used, safety indicators, stroller compatibility, easy installation.

Which One Should You Buy? New or Used?

Above all, it is safe to buy a new infant car seat, as used ones may be damaged or expired, it might even be a threat to your child. However, if worse comes to worst and you have no other option than to opt for a used one, you should get it from a trusted source and check for the expiry date. Besides choosing one made with the fabric that suits your taste, you should pick the durable and easy to wash when soiled or dirty. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a car seat and base. Every certified car seat has undergone serious testing to guarantee whether they are safe for use.

However, getting the car seat that best suits your baby and vehicle also matters, expensive or cheap. As cheap cars do not necessarily mean unsafe or low quality, expensive ones only come with additional luxuries. The infant car seats listed here are high-quality, safe, and easy to install.

Britax B-safe Infant Car Seat

This infant car seat comes with a seat belt lock-off that ensures installation stays tight and an indicator that tells if the seat is in the right position. It is easy to use, install and remove. The infant car has more height and weight limit and is ideal for taller babies. It  comprises fabric that gives room for air ventilation, thus, keeping your baby cool throughout your journey. The two layers of side-impact protective foam, a steel frame, and a base that absorb impacts make it a good pick for infants. It currently rates as one of the best car seats for a newborn.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Infant Car Seat

The car seat is relatively lightweight, easy to click in and out of its base, easy to wash and carry around, likewise affordable and quality. If you are a mom who is worried about installation, worry not because it is very easy to install. It comes with a well-cushioned seat, thus providing extra support to the baby’s head. It also has a canopy you can unzip to allow extra ventilation. Likewise, it has an easy-to-read level indicator that makes a ‘click’ sound telling you the carrier is properly fixed to the base, plus an adapter that works on most strollers. It currently rates as one of the best infant car seat and often parent’s choice.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 XT Car Seat

This economical infant car seat is easy to install. It comes with SnugLock technology that ensures safety and eliminates installation mistakes. This car seat is comfortable and lightweight, thereby assuring easy transportation. It lasts long enough than some other models. A four-position recline, a removable insert that provides the infant with the perfect fit, plus a European belt bath, make installation easy either using the base or your vehicle’s seat belt. It is quite affordable and safe for newborns. Moms highly recommend it.

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