Best Indoor Cycling Bikes In 2021

Best Indoor Cycling Bikes In 2021

Are you thinking about investing in some home gym equipment? Look no further than an indoor exercise bike. Cycling, an excellent form of exercise, can, unfortunately, be limited by the weather. However, there is no need to limit your fitness routine as you can still enjoy a solid cycling workout- especially if you have indoor cycling bikes. Indoor cycling bikes, commonly referred to as spin bikes, are similar to the bikes we ride outside. They usually have a heavy flywheel at the front to give you total control over the resistance of your ride. With this, your workout can then be as intense as you want it to be.

In the article below are the best indoor cycling bikes on offer both in stores or market;

Bowflex C7 Bike

The Bowflex C7 Bike has a sleek and versatile design, making it an ideal home fitness gym setup. Its heavy-duty 40 pounds flywheel and 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels provide plenty of challenging intensity. In addition, it has multi-grip handlebars and a dual-link pedal which allows you to clip in or use the toe cages depending on your riding style. Besides that, this machine also comes with a set of dumbbells to give your upper body a solid workout.

 MYX Fitness Bike

MYX Fitness bike offers an interactive training package. In fact, it is an affordable alternative to Peloton in terms of pricing without compromising any features. Its construction is nothing fancy, and its heavy steel components are mated with its heavy flywheel (this ensures great stability). It uses friction resistance applied to a heavy 41-pounds flywheel controlled by an adjustment knob. It doesn’t only have seat adjustment and vertical handlebar adjustment, but you can also move the handlebars closer or further from the seat. In addition, it also features a 21.5-inch touchscreen display which provides you with ample motivation for your training sessions.

Sunny Health Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health Fitness bike is relatively cheap and offers great performance for its price. It has an adjustable resistance knob, you can also upgrade to belt drive, and it doesn’t require a membership fee. Although the Sunny Health Fitness bike also doesn’t feature a screen, you can use your favorite app for an endorphins boost and a great sweat sesh. Overall, it offers an excellent price/value ratio. 

 YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

This indoor bike from YOSUDA keeps you effective, simple, and safe. Its 35-pound flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame will give you the stability you need for your training. Its two-way adjustable handlebars, including a four-way padded seat, keeps you in a comfortable position during your cycling workout. The belt-driven system also allows for a smooth and quiet ride. In addition, its fancy LCD screen monitors your speed, distance, and calories burned. Besides that, it also features an additional iPad bracket, making it easy to listen to your favorite music. Finally, the manual resistance knob gives you total control over the intensity of your ride.

Schwinn Upright Series Bike – 170 model

This stationary bike has an adjustable seat and ergonomic handlebars, and some other features such as built-in tech to track your progress. It also features a lightweight wheel which makes it a perfect home-fitness solution. In addition, it has an LCD screen which offers 29 preset exercise programs and routines. Thus, you don’t need trainers for a smart workout with this bike. 

Cyclace Exercise stationary bike

This is the upgraded version of the previous stationary bike manufactured by Cyclace’s. It has extended seating adjustment for anyone between 5-foot-1-inch to 6-foot-5-inches height and supports a weight limit of up to 330 pounds. In addition, its thickened steel, triangular frame, and belt-driven system provide stable, quiet, and safe cycling. With this cycling bike, you can keep track of your fitness training on the LCD screen, which displays your speed, odometer and calories burned. In addition, this brand may offer a 12-month parts warranty. 

Pooboo’s Indoor Cycling Bike

Pooboo’s Indoor Cycling Bike has a digital display and a pin-drop quiet wheel, and its padded seat cushion can be adjusted in 4 ways to fit your height. The material is elastic and soft, dirt-resistance, and can help reduce hip pressure and buffer shock absorption. Furthermore, this stationary bike has 10 magnetites for smooth cycling and a durable frame that supports up to 280 lb weight limit. In addition, the heavy-duty belt drive rear flywheel provides more stability which will bring the endorphin-boosting experience from a fitness studio to the comfort of your home.

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