Best Hydration Packs for Everyone

Best Hydration Packs for Everyone

No doubt, being active outdoors comes with many benefits for both you and your kids. Talk of the hikes, the long biking trips, and boat rides with all the fun memories it makes. Thus, hydration becomes very important with all these physical activities to keep you and your little ones healthy. However, water bottles seem to be what crosses the mind when thinking of taking water along for these activities. Aside from being too heavy when you fill your backpack with lots of them, kids can quickly drain a water bottle in just a few minutes. So, to help avoid stress and other related issues, getting your child one of the best hydration packs is a great idea. 

Hydration packs are modified backpacks with a reservoir or bladder. This bladder is a rubber or plastic container with an attached tube and a drinking valve. The wearer can drink from the tube while they are on the go. Material, size, drinking valves, ease of use, and included reservoir are factors to watch out in hydration packs. Here are the best 3 hydration packs for kids available on the market.

1. Vibrelli Hydration Pack

If you want a hydration pack that will fit kids and is perfect for the whole family, you have this one from Vibrelli. This hydration pack will fit moms and dads, perfect for kids, and can be taken for biking, hiking, or just on regular trips. The bladder is made from medical-grade material without BPAs or PVC. This is done to help keep your water fresh all day long, with the water having an unpleasant plastic taste. The bladder offers a high flow bite-valve, so to drink your freshwater, simply turn the Easy-Twist valve 90 degrees, and your water will flow out fast without leaking. 

Furthermore, it can also be locked when not in use to prevent water from dripping. The wide top fill allows you to easily add water and ice. The hydration pack comes with many pockets, meaning there are rooms to keep other essentials. In addition, there is the main storage pocket, a separate pack for the bladder, and then the quick access pocket at the front. All of the pockets are spacious enough without being bulky. The super-light pack is comfortable to wear all day, easy to adjust, and made to suit most body sizes.

Kuyou 2L Hydration Pack

Kuyou 2L Hydration Pack is capable of keeping your little one refreshed for hours. This pack is stylish and user-friendly; no doubt that earned it one of the top-rated packs. It is made of waterproof polyester fiber fabric and is perfect as a backpack for kids because it is super durable and wear-resistant. And because the exterior is waterproof, your little one can use it in any weather without the fear of spoiling the contents in the pack. In addition, there is air mesh on the shoulder straps and at the back to help provide some air circulation, making the bag very comfortable to wear. 

Furthermore, this hydration pack comes with a large reservoir made of BPA-free, high-quality TPU material. This reservoir helps keep your water tasteless and odorless. The reservoir is in a separate pocket where you can add ice cubes if you want without damaging the backpack. Apart from the reservoir, it also has a large top opening for easy cleaning or adding ice cubes. The 2- liter reservoir has a 135-degree rotatable mouthpiece and an easy-to-use shut-off valve to adjust the flow. Finally, the Kuyou 2L Hydration Pack is lightweight and can keep your little one’s water cold for up to four hours. It is recommended for kids ages 9 and above.

Neboic 2-Pack Hydration Backpacks

This hydration pack is suitable for both kids and adults, and because it is sold as a two-pack, you can have one for your little one and one for yourself. The hydration pack will make a good pick for parents who desire one that does not take up much space and is super easy to carry. The backpack is concerned mainly with hydration, so it doesn’t have many other pockets for gear, making it great for sports. The maker has users’ comfort in mind, as the hydration backpack features breathable material all around. This allows for air circulation, thereby, help in keeping your little one cool during activities. It dries quickly too. 

Furthermore, this slim profile hydration pack is super light and is made for sports activities such as running, hiking, or biking. It feels stable and light while on the back, all thanks to the hip and adjustable shoulder straps that prevent bouncing. In addition, there is an included drink tube that can be easily and quickly disconnected from the main reservoir. The tube stays in its spot during refilling, and refilling can be done by your little one without too much stress. To disconnect the tube, just press a button, then pull the reservoir out of the backpack to refill. Then when you are done refilling, replace the bladder and reconnect the tube. Neboic 2-Pack Hydration Backpack is ideal for kids from age 9 up to adults.

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