A hybrid smartwatch is an analog watch with regular watch mechanical hands, subtly packed with smart hi-tech fitness tracking features. These features include step counting, run tracking, and smartphone notifications. They are quite different from the ones from Apple or Fitbit and have some advantages over them— much longer battery life up-to weeks, months, and even a year. So you don’t have to worry about recharging them every hour. You should know that these hybrid smartwatches do not have a digital screen like the ones from Apple or Samsung and are built to give the traditional look of a watch and at the same time track all your workouts. Most have an analog screen plus an extra dial or two, which displays information like battery life, hours slept, steps taken, and notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity compatible with Android and iOS. 

Below are the best hybid smartwatches to pick if you want to add some fitness tracking tech features to your wrist-wear collection.

GARMIN Vivomove HR Premium Hybrid Smartwatch

The Garmin Vivomove HR is a good definition of a hybrid watch. It encases both the traditional look of a watch and a digital screen for activity display. This Garmin watch is one of the most comprehensive hybrid watches you can get in stores today with an impeccable design. It has a wide range of health-tracking and fitness features plus a subtle digital display. 

Other features

-Constant heart rate monitoring

-Estimate your VO2 Max and fitness age and stress level.

-Wide range of size and color options

-Touchscreen display is subtly hidden beneath a traditional face

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR

It is equipped with a heart rate monitoring sensor for in-depth wellness tracking with great designs that fit your choice. It also keeps track of your activities, steps, calories, active minutes, heart rate, and sleep. Fossil HR works very well with iPhone and Android devices. Like every hybrid smartwatch, this has a battery life of 2 weeks with a single charge plus a magnetic USB charger. This device also receives and views your smartphone notifications and alerts through Bluetooth connectivity. It also features some important factors such as calendar, music control, weather updates, and lots more.

Other features

-Case size: 42mm

-Band size: 22mm

-Interchangeable with all Fossil 22mm bands

-Water-resistant to 165ft (50m) 

Withings Steel HR

The Steel HR is another hybrid heart rate smartwatch for you; it automatically counts every step you take and recognizes running, swimming, walking, or sleeping. It features an analog activity dial for you to see your exercise progress at a glance, plus metrics like distance and calories burnt on the digital + analog screen at the push of a button positioned by the side and delivers real-time data to the Health Mate app. However, this doesn’t have an ECG. 

Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch 44mm

With this model, Mondaine bridges the gap between timeless design and new modern features. You can connect the Helvetica Smartwatch to your smartphone (iOS and Android) to see the number of steps you’ve made or the numbers of hours of sleep you got last night. It also has a coaching function to help you stay active anywhere and anytime. The smartwatch has a 44mm stainless steel case plus a 20mm non-allergy leather strap and a quartz movement for easy usage. However, this device doesn’t have a heart rate sensor. It uses the same MMT smartphone app as hybrid watches made by Alpina and Frederique Constant, so you get a detailed estimate of calories burnt, sleep data, and advice from the virtual coach plus a 30m water-resistant.

Withings Move

The Move ECG was developed with the help of cardiologists from renowned institutions around. This is quite different from the ECG Scanwatch, but it also detects atrial fibrillation like the Scanwatch. It also features activity tracking ability with up to 6 months of battery life plus water resistance up to 50m. This device is ready whenever you are ready. Simply press the side button and place your finger on the bezel whenever you feel an irregular heart rhythm or palpitations, and in 30 seconds, your medical-grade ECG is ready. The Move ECG device is suitable for everyday life. However, this model doesn’t give you smartphone notifications, fitness score and VO2 Max, but it has a battery life lasting up to 12 months 


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