Towels are essential when going on a trip to the beach. How about when they come with a hood? A plus, right? That is because they help protect the body from the sun and keep the head warm. Also, hooded towels give your little one the grace to wear and play, thus keeping dry because they can be worn. In addition, good hooded towels should come in a generous size to provide the needed coverage for your little one and be very absorbent. Besides that, they should be easy to wash and dry quickly and also odor resistant. Many models are also very versatile, and your kids can use them after bath and at the pool. The below hooded towels for kids are functional, versatile and come in cute designs.

Kids Poncho Cabana Collection by Dock & Bay

This hooded towel by Dock and Bay comes in bright, spot-able designs that earn your kid every eye on the beach. This compact and lightweight beach towel is odor-resistant and ultra-absorbent. They are also easy to wash, and they dry quickly. In addition, let’s not forget the mesh pockets at the bottom for sand to fall through. Rather than storing in the poncho, this ensures that your little one is not only dry but also free from sand. You can also personalize this hooded beach towel to best suit your taste. Kids Poncho Cabana Collection by Dock & Bay is ideal for kids aged 2 years to 10 years.

Athaelay Hooded Mermaid Kids Beach Towel

The mermaid-design hooded kids’ beach towel is 100 percent high-quality long-staple cotton. That fact makes it breathable, super soft, and highly absorbent. In addition, its durable material gives comfort and is super gentle on the skin. Besides that, there is a hard plastic snap on each side of the towel to keep your kid warm should the need arise. It is Oeko- Tex certified, so you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or dyes.

Furthermore, this beach towel allows your kids to keep playing as they dry off, meaning it is perfect for both drying and wearing. It also gives UPF 50+ for protection against the sun. It measures 24 inches by 48 inches which is large enough for growing toddlers and kids. This multi-purpose beach towel can also be used at the pool, as well as a bath towel.

Cuddleroar Dragon Toddler Towel by Cuddledry 

Cuddleroar Dragon Toddler Towel by Cuddledry comes in a dragon design your little one will find adventurous. This towel has two layers of cozy hood to dry hair and keep warmth in. In addition, it is made from sustainable bamboo fiber and cotton, making it 60 percent more absorbent than just cotton. Besides that, this ultra-soft, fluffy towel comes in a generously big size to wrap your kid well. Finally, it has natural antibacterial quality, free of harmful chemicals and dyes. 

Franco Kids Baby Shark Hooded Beach Towel

This 100 percent high-quality cotton terry-made beach towel comes in a shark design that will surely catch the attention of your little one. In addition, its highly absorbent material will keep your kids warm and dry, ensuring quick drying after swimming or showering. It is also versatile enough, so aside from being a beach towel, it can function as a bath towel. Your kids can also wear it as a bathrobe, poncho or even use it as a washcloth. Besides that, it features handy side pockets, meaning your child can wrap it conveniently around themselves. This towel is large enough for growing toddlers and kids, measuring 24 inches by 50 inches (l x w). This towel is also easy to wash using a washing machine without the fear of it fading off.

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towels

These beautiful hooded beach towels are made from soft and absorbent cotton. The lightweight towels will give you zero trouble transporting it, and they make your little one feel comfortable because they’re super cozy. In addition, they’re also free of harsh chemicals, so you need not worry about your kid’s tender skin. These beach towels are machine washable, super absorbent, and dry quickly. Luvable hooded towels are versatile, and aside from being beach towels, your kids can also use them after a bath or by the poolside.


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