Health monitoring devices generally come in the form of wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. The majority of healthcare and wearable technology devices for the elderly are multifunctional devices incorporating some healthcare-related functions. Lots of factors should be checked out when considering a health monitoring device for elderly people. The elderly might not want to deal with bulky devices. The device must be easy-to-use and must accurately monitor health factors such as glucose level, heartbeat, and chronic conditions of adults above 60 years. This article rounded up the best healthcare recommended health monitoring device for the elderly. 

Withings Sleep Mat

With this advanced technology mat, you get an easy way to track your sleep without wearing a watch. It creates a better sleep environment by taking advantage of a range of smart home capabilities that it can support. Just by getting into and out of bed, it manages the room temperature, control lights, and other smart home-enabled devices. It delivers a daily Sleep Score.

Other hi-tech features:

-Sleep coaching program

-Snoring detection

-Enhanced sleep environment

-Heart rate tracking

-Sleep quality assessment

Wellue Pulsebit ECG/EKG Heart Monitor

This is a heart monitor on-the-go due to its portability. It has a compact size that you can carry around even in your pocket to track your heart’s health anytime and anywhere. Its multi-user ability has no hidden cost or subscription, and it has a 12-month warranty after purchase.  

Other features

– Free APP for iOS & Android

– Works with most smartphones & tablets via Bluetooth.

– Free PC software that reviews and manage your reports conveniently, 

– Reports can be saved as a PDF to print or share.


Bodimetrics CIRCUL sleep and Fitness Ring

As an elderly person, you wouldn’t want to deal with heavy or bulky activity trackers. Here comes the CIRCUL ring  with a lightweight feature. The CIRCUL continuously tracks and records your blood oxygen & HR levels; records your exercise heart rate, steps and  calories burned. With a sleek and subtle design, it delivers smart functionality with tons of features in a small form with an elegant and simple design.  The CIRCUL Ring works in tandem with its companion free CIRCUL mobile app. The ring communicates with the mobile app to alert the user to low blood oxygen levels set in the CIRCUL mobile app.The battery can last 15 hours of use and recharge in 90 minutes with the included USB chargers.


Omron 10 Series Wireless Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is one of the vitals everyone should be mindful of, especially the elderly. Omron 10 Series Blood pressure monitors are among the top-selling and most recommended home-based devices you should grab in the stores. This doctor and pharmacist recommended series has a horizontally designed dual-display monitor and stores up to 200 readings for two users (100 per user) and includes a pre-formed Easy-Wrap Comfit Cuff. Get this at an affordable price from the manufacturer, Walmart, and Amazon.

Other features

-Dual LCD Display; Two-User, 200-Reading Storage

-Advanced Accuracy Technology

-Wireless Bluetooth Convenience

-Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff


Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology Kit

A new 100% drug-free pain relief technology. This amazing gadget is designed for use during the day and at any other time. It works by stimulating the sensory nerves around the body part where the pains and aches with safe and precise electrical pulses to trigger a natural pain relief response. Durable fabric and robust velcro closure designed for longer wear prevent velcro overlap on your clothing.

Other features

-Compatible connectivity with your Apple Watch

-Relieves chronic foot, leg, arm, and knee pain

-Gives you the best result with the Quell Relief app for iPhone and Android smartphones

-Includes 1 Quell device, 1 month supply of electrodes, 1 wearable band, and 1 device charger

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