Right from a smart pain relief wand to ECG/EKG that monitors every beat your heart takes, we have rounded up the following health gadgets that will work along with your smartphone to help you stay active and fit. They will also encourage you to start and stick to everyday healthier activities and habits. Some of these health gadgets help patients manage mild to chronic health conditions. Others are specifically designed for everyday life and can literally help change or even save your life.

Below are some of our top 4 health gadgets for everyday use. 

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology Kit

This is a new 100% drug-free pain relief technology. This amazing health gadget is suitable for use during the day while active, at night, and at any other time. It works by stimulating the sensory nerves around the body part where the pain is felt with safe electrical pulses to trigger a natural pain relief response in your nerves. It comprises durable, non-allergy fabric and robust velcro closure designed for longer wear, preventing the velcro’s overlap onto your clothing. 

  •  Quell starter kit: 1 Quell device, one wearable band, one month supply of electrodes (2 electrodes), and one device charger
  •  Compatible Connectivity with your Apple Watch
  •  Relieves chronic foot, leg, arm, and knee pain
  •  Bluetooth and an optional smartphone app allow you to customize your therapy, plus sleep & activity tracking.
  •  Lightweight and rechargeable
  • Prescription-strength TENS technology helps relieve chronic-mild pain without additional medication.

LARQ Insulated Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

There are millions of reusable water bottles in markets today, but none is comparable to the LARQ. This smart bottle uses UV-C LED light to purify your drinking water within one minute anytime you click its button. Aside from that, it also automatically cleanses itself every two hours. You can also press the button on the cap of this stainless steel device twice to activate an “adventure mode” which is a more powerful three minutes water-purification cycle (recommended for purifying water that comes from rivers, springs, or any other non-man made sources).

The Hi-tech portable purification system is operated by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30-60 days. It also has an insulated double-wall that keeps beverages at their temperature for a long time. Cold fluid stays cold for up to 24 hours, and hot stays hot for up to 12 hours. LARQ is definitely a great companion for your everyday life and travels.

Wellue Pulsebit ECG/EKG Heart Monitor

This is another portable health monitoring gadget for your everyday use. It has a compact size and can track your heart’s health anytime and anywhere. Despite its multi-user ability, it has no hidden cost or subscription plus a 12-month warranty after purchase. You can correctly track your heart rhythm, rate, and pulses and get instant and accurate heartbeat length 30s/60s/5mins with a cable or cable-free connectivity. It has capacious storage to secure your cardio data, and you can also save your reports as PDF and JPEG. 


Dimension: 6.73 x 4.53 x 2.28 inches | Package Weight: 0.33 Kilograms |Screen: Yes | Bluetooth: 4.0| Dual and single-user mode | Android and iOS App – Yes | Free PC software 

Withings Sleep Mat

With this advanced Hi-tech Mat, you get an easy way to track your sleep without wearing a fitness tracking watch overnight. It creates a better sleep environment by taking advantage of a range of smart home capabilities that it can support. Just by getting into and out of bed, it manages the room temperature, control lights, and other smart home-enabled devices. Keeps your daily sleep score, heart rate, breathing rate, and movements, with sensors placed underneath the mattress. 

  • Sleep coaching program
  • Snoring detection
  • Enhanced sleep environment
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep quality assessment


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