What Are Food Supplements?

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients (i.e., minerals and vitamins) or other substances with nutritional effects marketed in dose form (e.g., pills, gel, tablets, capsules, liquid measured in doses). Food provides vitamins in the most available form, in the right quantities, and combines whole complementary nutrients. Although supplements may be marketed as magic bullets, unfortunately, they don’t provide equal nutrients. 

Below are a few key things to consider when purchasing food supplements:

  • Start out with the low dosage recommendation first 
  • Look for food supplements without added fillers
  • Think of supplementation as an investment to your health and always choose quality. Try not to select a product for its logo, price, or marketing.
  • Ensure you continue to eat real food.

Here are the best food supplements health experts recommend.


Probiotics are good bacteria that line the digestive tracts. It improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, fights infections, helps in weight, and balances hormones. Taking probiotics daily is a simple way of keeping your gut healthy and immune system strong. You can either take it as a capsule, drink, or powder. The choice is yours. If you love to take antibiotics, supplement probiotics will be beneficial to your gut. You can reach for products like Gut Comfort Probiotic Supplement, clinically tested to improve gut-related anxiety and comfort, promote belly pain relief, and provide gut flora balance for men and women. 

Fish oil

Fish oil can’t be produced in our bodies, so it’s essential to receive them through our diet intake or supplements. EPA, DHA, and cod liver oil are highly rich in vitamins and help boost the brain and heart. You can reach for products like Omega 3 Fish oil 2500mg Supplement by New Age immune heart and support, it helps to promote joints, eyes, brain, and skin health.


Choline is found in animal products, but if you are not getting enough in your diet, that’s where this supplement comes in. It’s very important for pregnant and nursing mothers because it is vital for brain development, function, and mental abilities. Choline also helps to make cells and is present in milk, liver, eggs, and peanuts. Choline vitamin supplements are available in varieties. Genius Consciousness is one of the best sellers. It’s a super brain booster supplement, enhancing focus, boost concentration, and improving memory. ONNIT Alpha helps to improve focus, concentration, and memory boost. Choline Bitartrate 650mg 200 veggies capsules help to support healthy cognitive functions and mental focus.


It is an essential nutrient that plays a role in enzymatic bodily reactions, including metabolizing food, fatty acid, and proteins, the transmission of nerves impulse, bone strength, and heart rhythm. It is present in green leafy vegetables, nuts, potatoes, whole wheat, soya, and dairy.Magnesium mineral supplement best sellers include:


Magnesium by Nature’s bounty, 500mg tablet for bone and muscle health 

Nature Made Magnesium Oxide 250mg


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, muscles, communication between the brain and the rest of the body. It’s a fat-soluble nutrient and very necessary for human survival. Most get vitamin D from the sun during the summer months and winter. Vitamin D is present in fatty fish, fish liver oil, fortified milk products, and cereal products. Good buying options for vitamin D supplements include.

Vitamin D3 by Nature’s bounty -for immune support

Vitamin D3+K2 with organic liquid


Also known as vitamin B3 — has plenty of benefits that can enormously help your health. It has been touted to help against everything from high cholesterol to Alzheimer’s, and it can also help reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke in those with heart disease.

Niacin supplements include:

Nutricost Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 500mg

Nicotinamide with Resveratrol 120 veggie

Vitamin B12

There are plenty of reasons to up your vitamin B12 intake. Vegans and vegetarians usually take a daily supplement to make sure they’re getting enough of the vitamin since it’s only found in animal products. Still, deficiencies aren’t uncommon for everyone and can cause some severe problems, from memory loss and fatigue to difficulty walking, says Harvard Medical School. Take it regularly if you think you might be running low.

Essential Vitamin B12 supplements that are very good in our bodies include:

Vitamin B12 by Nature’s Bounty

Quick Dissolve Vitamin Supplement– Supports Energy Metabolism and Nervous

Natrol Vitamin B12 Fast Dissolve Tablets- Promotes Energy, Supports a Healthy Nervous System, Maximum Strength, Strawberry Flavor, 5,000mcg, 100 Count.