Why Diaper Bags?

Your baby is certainly going to need a lot of stuff after birth. When you go about your daily runnings with your kid at hand, you need a thing to hold all that your baby would need in one place. That is where diaper bags come in. Diaper bags let you keep your baby’s gear and your essentials in one place. Although you might decide to use your regular handbag rather than diaper bags, I bet diaper bags are more spacious and convenient than your handbag. However, just as you have more than one handbag, you may also want to have more than one diaper bag.

You can get a smaller one for running to the store and a larger diaper bag that holds everything on the go. You will likely use a diaper bag from birth through the toddler years and maybe even into the preschool days. So, it helps buy the ones made with quality materials that are durable since they will stick around for a while. Other few features to think about before making a purchase are size, shape, type, pockets, ease to clean, stroller straps, and changing pads. You might want to get a small baby diaper bag that can hold diapers, wipes, and a bottle or two. You may also buy one that is large enough to contain clothes, toys, snacks, a burp cloth, and/or a swaddle and other baby essentials, the ones with pockets to help you stay organized. 

Types of Diaper Bags

Diaper bags also come in different types;

-Diaper backpacks: This type of diaper bag provides the convenience of being hands-free and is easier to carry for long periods.

-Totes: These ones are the best choice for a day out or a weekend trip because they are super spacious.

-Messenger bags: These ones are more like cross bags as they are worn with the strap across your body and can be more comfortable than a tote if you need to carry it for a long period.

-Convertible bags: These ones can be so big, but they can work as a backpack, tote, or messenger bag, depending on how you arrange the straps. 

However, after considering the features mentioned above, whatever type or size you choose to buy depends solely on what fits your taste or style. Here are the best 5 diaper bags on the market.

Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack

This diaper bag is made of quality and durable vegan leather. The luxurious backpack features numerous pockets and compartments that help moms stay organized without adding extra stress. The front compartment includes two multi-purpose cubes for storing your or your baby’s needs. One is insulated, and one features a mesh panel, a built-in stroller strap that easily attaches to any stroller or makes it the perfect bag for any parent that is constantly on the go. It also has a unique standing feature that allows the diaper bag to stand on its own, making it easier to pack and unpack. This 16-inch long and 8-inch wide, spacious diaper bag can contain anything and does not deprive you the hands-free convenience.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is dad’s approved. It looks manly enough to be used by your baby’s dad. The bag features 14 multi-sized pockets, which keep everything organized. It has stroller straps you can attach to a stroller, a machine-washable changing pad, and a separate small bag. This twill polyester-made diaper bag is durable and can be used as a regular backpack when your kid grows.

JuJuBe BFF Convertible Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is one of the best on the market. This convertible diaper bag can either be used as a messenger bag, tote, or backpack bag. The quality diaper bag comes with an adjustable strap, a removable memory foam shoulder pad, and backpack straps. These features let you choose how you want to carry your diaper bag. It also features many pockets that keep you organized, a crumb drain that helps keep the bag clean and your items safe.

Additionally, it also comes with luggage feet that prevent the bag from directly contacting the ground, preventing it from dirt. The bag comes in different styles and is machine-washable.

HaloVa MultiFunction Diaper Bag

This multi-function diaper bag is made of water-resistant Oxford material. It features a front compartment with three separate bottle pockets plus multi-layer insulation materials, including a special pocket for wet items. The diaper bag comes in 16 different beautiful colors. HaloVa Multifunction Diaper Bag keeps everything you need to safely store. It is best for breastfeeding moms. It can either be carried as a backpack or as a tote.

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack 

This unique diaper bag has everything you need in a diaper bag. Its numerous features and backpack make it super convenient with your hands-free. The diaper bag has stroller straps that allow you to attach it with a stroller. It also comes with 18 pockets to stay organized; one large insulated pocket can hold about three bottles and keep them at the right temperature. It also has wide, padded shoulder straps that help support your shoulder and back. Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack is water-resistant, easy to wipe clean, and comes in four colors and designs.


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