Cycling Kits for Beginners

Cycling Kits for Beginners

Cycling is a common and healthy aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels, and lungs all get a workout. With this exercise, you get to breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, improving your fitness level. It is a low-impact exercise that can be done by people of all ages as it’s cheap and fun. If you are into cycling, it’s imperative to know what kit or clothing you need, and that’s what I will show you in this guide. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner, you need good cycling kits to enjoy cycling. Though it’s possible to cycle in regular clothes, I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on the essential features these cycling gears offer.

Cycling kits are designed to make cycling more pleasant. At the same time, they keep you cool and comfortable for long stints in the saddle. Some certain gears may even improve your performance and let you ride faster and further. How can you know if a product is good or not? We’ll discuss from the top all the important considerations of essential cycling gears you should get as a beginner ( many other bicycle-related items may tempt beginners). You’ll also get a lowdown of those things you need and what to look out for when buying cycling kits as a beginner.


Helmets are considered a clothing item, and it’s a safety item you must possess if you want to take up cycling. They are light, well-ventilated, and safe. In addition, they can also help save your head and even your life(it reduces odds of head injury by 50%). However, they’re different types of helmets for different cycling purposes, e.g., Mtb helmets, road bike helmets, downhill helmets, etc. Therefore, you should choose the one that perfectly fits the cycling exercise you’re undergoing.


There are generally two styles of bike shorts: baggy and body-hugging. Sometimes the baggy ones may have some features similar to the body-hugging shorts. For example, they both have padding, which is sometimes also called chamois. Bike shorts are intended to protect the region of your body that is in contact with the bike saddle and help you absorb moisture. Most cyclists, especially road bikers, Why? Because close-fitting shorts eliminates excess fabric between you and the seat, that can lead to friction burn or saddle sores. Sometimes these road bikers apply lubricants in the region where there’s rub or friction between them and the chamois.


Cyclists need gloves for many purposes. Some of these are improving grip, protecting the hands in a crash, absorbing sweat, or reducing road vibrations. You can find gloves of different styles such as fingerless, long-fingered, pull-on, hook, and loop closure. These styles have varying levels of padding. With these categories of gloves, you should be able to get your hands on ones that best suit you.

Clipless Shoes and Pedals

Another essential gear a cyclist needs is a clipless shoe and pedal. Clipless pedals require a clipless shoe to function. It has a compatible clear bolted to the sole and a cleat clip to the clipless pedals. For road cycling, clipless pedals help improve efficiency, and it allows you to apply power throughout your entire pedal stroke. Compared to flat pedals, clipless pedals turn your shoe into a stiff pedaling platform and ensure consistent foot placement on the pedals.

Cycling glasses

A pair of cycling glasses are essential cycling gear. It doesn’t only protect you from the sun but also keeps out bugs, wind, and dirt. This ensures the best vision at all times. Sometimes, due to the speed of road cycling, your eyes may also get dried out and irritated without glasses. However, there are different cycling glasses in all shapes and sizes. They have convenient features like interchangeable lenses for different light conditions to improve clarity, accentuate debris and enhance your vision.

Cycling jerseys

Cycling jerseys are essential cycling gear as they keep you warm up in cold weather. They have zippers that allow you to quickly put on tight jerseys and unzip to increase airflow during hot weather. However, it’s not advised to wear cotton jerseys as they get soaking wet while cycling and won’t dry quickly. Instead, you should wear cycling jerseys with shorts to complete the kit.

Flat kit

Getting a flat tire is quite inevitable when cycling. That’s why you need a flat kit whenever you’re cycling. Thorns, sharp stones, glasses, etc., can ruin your ride if you don’t have a flat kit with you. Flat kits are usually compact and small with the necessary equipment to repair your punctured tire. You can trap it to your bike using saddlebags or even carry your flat kit in your jersey pockets.


Other cycling gears include;

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