Best Cycling Glasses for Bikers

Best Cycling Glasses for Bikers

Cycling glasses are one of the most essential protection tools for riders throughout the year. Their name might suggest they’re just for shielding your eyes from the sun, but they actually do more than that. Cycling glasses are not all about fashion. They also protect your eyes from hazards and elements such as dirt, grit, wind, road spray, insects, and bugs. Years of progression in cycling glasses means shades are better and many of them work both on and off bikes. Cycling glasses integrate seamlessly into your ride to protect the eyes from UV rays( especially in the summer), and debris you didn’t even realize were there.

Furthermore, there are various factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best cycling sunglasses. Elements such as lenses are one of the first things to think about before choosing your sunglasses. Some cycling glasses are ideal for bright daylight, while others come with clear lenses for night riding. Besides lenses, it’s also important to consider the visibility and levels of protection the sunglass you want to purchase offers. Cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses offer great versatility though they come at an extra price. 

    Below are the best cycling glasses in 2021;

Tifosi Crit sunglasses 

If you’re searching for great cycling sunglasses without the triple-digit price tag, then Tifosi crit sunglasses is one of the great options available for you. This pair of sunglasses is a fantastic value for sunglasses with photochromatic lenses. Besides having an adjustable nosepiece and sidearms, it also has good lenses that change fast enough to get you through rain or shine.

KAPVOE Photochromic Cycling Glasses 

These glasses pack some well-considered touch into a stylish package(such as the light-reactive lenses) with a surprisingly more accessible price tag than expected. They are high-performing cycling sunglasses, especially when you ride in changing light conditions, and their overall fit is snug and secure. The lens automatically changes from clear to dark gray in response to the ultraviolet intensity, effectively maintaining a suitable brightness to protect your eyes in strong sunshine. This cycling brand is for riders who want labels for less without sacrificing performance.

Oakley Flight Jacket

The Oakley Flight Jacket is one of the fantastic and inexpensive cycling sunglasses produced by Oakley. They are excellent sunglasses with spherical prism road lens, which provided outstanding distortion-free optics, a 15% VLT and 100% protection from UV. They also have excellent eye protection from elements such as wind and debris. Besides that, the high-quality frame has a comfortable fit with adjustable arms for compatibility with helmets. In addition, the advancers also let you shift the glasses away from the face to increase airflow to manage fog and sweat, especially when things heat up. 

Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

The Smith Wildcat is a fantastic pair of cycling sunglasses with Chromapop Red Mirror lenses that transmit 15% visible light and protect from harmful UV rays. Its Chromapop technology works flawlessly, increasing contrast and definition in bright light without any distortion at the edges of your vision. In addition, it also features a soft and flexible TR90 frame construction that easily flexes to fit different face sizes without any form of discomfort. The hydrophilic rubber content points at the nose and is comfortable and grippy too.

100% Glendale

The 100% Glendale sunglasses features a massive lens, which measures 165mm wide and 65mm tall, and offers sharp, high-contrast optics. This pair of lenses are constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate to protect the eyes from potential dangers. In addition, the lenses are replaceable, and they come with a single extra lens in the box. The only downside is that misting can be an issue if you’re riding in rainy weather for long as its venting is only cared for by a single mesh plate.

 Rudy Project Keyblade

The Rudy Project Keyblade has excellent photochromic lenses and styling, making them a good option for riders. Its lenses are hard and guaranteed not to break, making them durable over a long time. In addition, the ventilation is also adjustable and is compatible with Rudy Project’s RX optical inserts(if you want to add prescription lenses).

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