The harshness of the sun’s rays can not be overemphasized, and car windows let in light and potentially harmful UV rays. When traveling or driving with our kids in the back seat, especially on hot summer days and without car sunshades, we try to protect our kids from sun rays. We’ve all been in this kind of situation. This can be very frustrating, especially if the road is quite long and you won’t be taking a turn anytime sooner, and the sun just keeps smiling down on you.  Well, even as an adult, I sometimes find myself having no option on public transit but to sit by the window with the sun smiling down on me all journey. And, what do I do? I simply grab a book or something larger to screen myself from the sun.

Some parents even go to the extent of voluntarily using their clothing items as sunshades. However, doing that will prevent your kids from viewing beautiful landscapes, especially if you go camping in the countryside. You don’t have to sacrifice your kids’ enjoyment and exploration while on a journey just because you don’t want to protect them from the sun. Reliable car sunshades will give them the best of both worlds. The best car sunshades will keep your little ones both protected and comfortable throughout the ride. UVA protection, large suction cups, weight, removable or semi-permanent, window shape, and PVC-free are all factors to consider before getting one. Keep your kid’s precious face away from the sun with these top-quality and super functional car sunshades mentioned below.

Enovoe Car Window Shades

These large window shades by Enovoe are specifically designed to provide coverage in larger vehicles. Thus, they will conveniently fit the windows in your SUV or minivan. These car window sunshades ensure the visibility and safety of the driver and provide 97% UV protection. This package comes with four shades, meaning you can also install one on each side of your vehicle for maximum protection against sun rays. In addition, Enovoe Car Window Shades comes with a money-back guarantee, meaning you can get a refund if you are not pleased with your purchase. With these sunshades, you can be confident you are not buying something that will damage your car. They have no adhesives or custom tint, likewise no suction cups that could stand as a choking hazard.

Reasons to buy:

It has a refund guarantee.

Provides 97% UV protection.

It comes with 4 shades.

Zotooto Car Rear Window Sun Shade

If you are looking for a car window sunshade that offers full- coverage against the sun, this sunshade by Zotooto is a great pick. This sunshade uses magnets, and it stretches around the window, giving you the chance to even roll it up while installed. This full-coverage sunshade does not need suction cups or static cling. It is suitable and attaches to nearly any car rear window. In addition, it is lightweight and won’t cause any damage to your car. Zotooto Car Rear Window Sun Shade provides protection from 97 percent of UV rays. 

Reason to buy:

Highly adjustable.

Easy to install.

Firm enough and won’t fall off.

Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

These shades are great for minivans and vehicles with large rear windows because they are made to be larger than many other models. They provide the darkest mesh legally possible to protect your baby’s precious eyes against sun rays. It uses static cling to attach to the window and won’t damage your window when you want to remove them. They are super easy to install and come in a 4-pack, with a carrying case for convenient transport and storage. Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade is lightweight and won’t pose any danger to your little ones. They offer 97% protection from UV rays.

Reasons to buy:

Super lightweight and compact

Generous size and coverage

It has 4 shades and a carrying case

Blocks 97% of UV rays.

Brica White Car Shade

By simply pressing a button, you can roll these car shades up when you don’t need them, making them a great pick for parents who desire easy to take on and off car shades. With dual attachment mode, you can choose to use the adjustable swivel window clips, suction cups, or even both. This pack has two car shades made of high-quality mesh fabric that offers superior visibility and protects you and your little one from harsh UVA and UVB rays. One unique feature that you would love is the white-hot indicator. This alert system button is on the base of each shade. It is normally red but turns white when the car is too hot and may affect your little one. Brica White Car Shade also has secure latches that go over the window, so it is very secure. They are ideal for night and cloudy days.

Reason to buy:

Easy to use.

Dual attachment modes are extra secure.

A white-hot indicator alerts you when the car is too hot.

ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side

This easy-to-install car shade is made of stretchy nylon material, so it fits nearly all car models. By simply placing it over the entire window and frame, it stays in place and provides total protection against the sun. It comes in a large size to cover up the entire window. ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side comes in a two-pack, so you can have both backseats window entirely covered. It will amaze you that you can even roll down the windows without having to remove them. With these car shades, you can be confident enough that you are protecting your little ones against sun glare, overheating, burns, and harmful UV exposure. In addition, you get a bonus eBook gift with ten creative ideas for keeping kids occupied in the backseat while on the go.

Reasons to buy:

It is PVC-free.

Easy to install on nearly all car models.

It comes with a bonus eBook with tips for car rides.

Flexible mesh fabric that protects against the sun.

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