If you aren’t prepared yet, you must know your little one will burp really well, and it’s going to be messy. And sometimes, you might get surprised at the volume and ask yourself if they actually digested any at all. It would feel like the entire bottle they ate just comes right back out again, and guess what, all down on your clothing. Scared right? Well, don’t be. A solution is right next to you; yes, burp cloths are the solution. 

Burp cloths protect your clothes and that of your little one from the mess they will make. Although 50 percent of babies spit up on a regular basis, and the other 50 percent occasionally burp. However, burping after feeding is a completely normal part of a baby’s development. As burping is inevitable, you need burp cloths next to you during mealtimes. With many burp cloths on the market, you might want to consider size, durability, affordability, fabric, safety, and absorbency level before purchasing one. Here are the 5 top-notch burp cloths on the market.

Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloth

This 11 inches by 22 inches long will protect the larger part of your clothing and your child’s. This organic cotton baby burp cloth is a great pick for parents worried about chemicals and afraid their little one might be exposed to it. In addition, these cloths are ultra-gentle on a baby’s tender skin and hypoallergenic. Besides that, they will also fit nicely around your neck and shoulders. They come in a set of three, with your layers each for excellent absorbency of spit-up. They are available in a variety of colors.

Gerber Baby Flannel

These burp cloths come four in a pack, with each large enough to cover your whole shoulder. In addition, these durable cloths are made from pure 100 percent cotton, meaning your child is free of any irritation associated with using the cloths. They come in various adorable patterns, and you will surely find one that will suit your taste. Design patterns include polka dot design, flowers, stripes, little elephants, and hearts. Finally, Gerber Baby Flannel Burp Cloths are very absorbent and easy to wash.

Muslin Burp Cloth

These baby burp cloths are available in white, which works for either gender. They are made from 100 percent cotton. With these cloths measuring 10 inches by 20 inches, you are sure to get a large part of your clothing well protected. They are also highly absorbent, free of harsh chemicals, soft, and gentle on the skin. Apart from being safe for use, they are also very easy to clean up.

Milkbarn Bamboo Cotton Burp Cloth

If you are a fan of eco-friendly products, then you might like this one. Milkbarn Bamboo Cotton Burp Cloths are 70 percent bamboo rayon and 30 percent cotton for a soft blend. These cloths measure 23 inches by 23 inches, which is large enough to protect your clothing. It comes in a pack of two, designed in old-fashioned floral prints in a range of earthy colors. In addition, with its robust structure, Milkbarn Bamboo Cotton Burp Cloths stay strong even after multiple washing.

Luvable Friends Flannel Burp Cloth

These burp cloths are on the smaller end with just 20 inches by 14.5 inches in size. These cloths will work remarkably for babies who don’t burp much or parents who desire lighter materials. They come in packs of three and are 100 percent cotton. They are also relatively cheap and available in a range of designs and colors. Luvable Friends Flannel Burp Cloths are soft and tender on the skin, likewise easy to wash.

Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloth

Copper Pearl Baby Burp Cloths are 100 percent cotton on the front and back. Their cotton make-up will make them soft on your little one’s face and won’t irritate their delicate skin. In addition, they are also capable of absorbing lots of spit-ups because they have triple layers, including a middle layer of fleece. Measuring 21 inches by 10 inches, these burp cloths are also big enough to shield your entire shoulder from spit-up. Besides that, they are also super durable and hold up well even after multiple washing. They are also reversible, meaning you can use them either way, with one side plain white and the other patterned or with different solid colors.


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