One of the benefits of exercising is to gain muscles and strength. Having the right amount of muscle allows you to perform at your best during exercise and daily life. The three main criteria for maximal muscle gain are; consuming more calories than you burn, more protein than you break down, and having a workout program that is challenging to your muscles. It is possible to achieve these criteria without using bodybuilding supplements, but certain bodybuilding supplements may hasten the bodybuilding process and make it easier to attain.

The  bodybuilding supplements below will help you gain more muscle and assist you in your bodybuilding program.


Creatine  is a molecule produced in the human body. It provides energy for organs, tissue, and even muscles. However, taking  creatine  supplements increases its level by 40%, allowing you to gain more muscle faster. The supplements enhance muscle cells thereby promoting their muscle gain. Numerous studies show that creatine positively improves muscle strength. Greater strength lets you perform better during exercise, leading to increased muscle mass over time.  Creatine  also increases the water content in muscle cells. This causes muscle cells to swell slightly and produce signals for muscle growth. Additionally, researchers reveal that creatine is very harmless and has a high safety profile.


This is an amino acid that inhibits fatigue and increases exercise performance. Beta-Alanine  also helps gain more muscle mass for those in a bodybuilding program. A study showed that taking 4g of beta-alanine daily for eight weeks increased body mass more than a placebo in athletes. Beta-Alanine  supports muscle gain when combined with an exercise program.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Also known as BCAA , it refers to three individual amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are mostly present in animal origin protein foods like eggs, meat, poultry, fish, and dairy. BCAAs are essential for muscle growth and make up about 14% of your muscles’ amino acids. Almost everyone consumes BCAA  every day, and it is a very common supplement. Studies have shown that it’s likely that BCAA  supplements may only benefit you if there is an insufficient high-quality protein in your diet.


HMB  is also known as Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate. The body produces Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate body during the processing of amino acid (leucine).  HMB  is responsible for the beneficial effects of protein and leucine in the diet. It is essential for reducing the breakdown of muscle-building proteins. While HMB  is produced naturally in the body, taking it as a supplement allows for higher levels and may benefit your muscles. Studies show that HMB is most effective for newbies in bodybuilding or increasing the intensity of their workouts.


Caffeine  is one of the most used stimulants in the world. Repeatedly, it has shown effectiveness in the area of endurance exercise and high-intensity activity. That being said, caffeine  has been linked to decreased fatigue rate and lower perception of effort, which may be of benefit during high-intensity, high-volume workouts or if you need a little pick-me-up before hitting the weights.

Citrulline Malate

Shortened as CM , it was initially sold as an anti-fatigue supplement. About 40 years ago, CM  was prescribed to treat both mental and physical fatigue in post-surgery patients. Presently, CM  has become famous for its performance-boosting effects. Citrulline Malate supplement may help increase ATP rates during exercise, followed by increased rates of PCr recovery after exercise. CM  is very beneficial in improving exercise performance during upper- and lower-body multiple-bout resistance exercise in resistance-trained men.

NO Boosters

Nitrate-rich foods like radishes, beets, and pomegranates are a great way to boost the production of Nitric Oxide. Although there isn’t much research on the effects of nitrate-rich food on resistance training, these ingredients can increase skeletal muscle blood flow and lead to reduced soreness. Many studies have used either beetroot juice or pomegranate extract in multi-ingredient performance supplements and have discovered improvements in strength and performance in resistance-trained men.

Whey protein

Whey  is one the most effective bodybuilding supplements and fast-digesting protein, making it an optimal post-workout meal. It can help improve your muscles’ ability to recover and adapt after strenuous exercise. Studies have shown that whey protein consumption has stimulated muscle protein synthesis to a greater degree than other proteins like casein and soy. Blends of milk and proteins, including whey, can promote muscle hypertrophy and improve body composition to a greater extent than soy-based protein when consumed after resistance exercise.


This is a non-essential amino acid. Although it does not deliver ground-breaking PRs or extreme muscle growth, it helps repair and recovery during exercise. It works by removing excess ammonia, which can accumulate during intense exercise, helping to regulate your body’s acid-base balance.


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