Trying to build muscles quickly? If so, including bodybuilding snacks in your nutritional program is essential. To body-build, you have to hike your calorie intake, taking in more calories than you burn off per day by including bodybuilding snacks and food in your diet. For a snack to provide its optimal benefits, it must be calorie and nutrient-dense and very fast and easy to make. Now, let’s take a look at some bodybuilding snacks that can give you a boost in your bodybuilding plan or regimen. Serve any of these bodybuilding snacks anytime you need some quick fuel on the go.

Yogurt parfait

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Instead of taking this on the conventional route, you’ll have to find a way to load it with protein and lots of calories. Firstly, you’ll get half a scoop or two teaspoons of your favorite protein powder with one cup of plain Greek yogurt. By doing this, you’ll increase the protein content of the snack, making it a better-balanced meal. Next, you’ll add in your favorite berries, which could be strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, and then add a sliced up banana.

Although berries are nutrient-dense, they are not very high in calories, so the banana will help with the calorie part. After this, you’ll want to add a handful of oats on the top to include complex carbohydrates in the picture while giving it a crunchy feel. To finish off, you’ll add some healthy fats in the form of dried coconut shavings or any nuts of your choice. By following these steps, you’ll end up with a snack very high in calories and very balanced in carbs, protein, and fats. This will ensure you keep your diet on track.

Power bites

This is another quick and easy bodybuilding snack. To cook this up, you start by simply mixing two scoops of chocolate or vanilla protein powder, one-third of a cup of natural peanut butter, a quarter cup of dried or raw oats, and two tablespoons of natural honey. You can also add dried fruit, nuts, or dried coconut shavings. After mixing them up, you’ll then form them into small bite-sized balls. This treat will provide you with calories and protein to hold you throughout the day.

Bagel with turkey slices

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Bagels with turkey slices are excellent bodybuilding snacks to fuel your muscle-building effort. Bagels are great for building more muscle tissue as they are very high in carb and very calorie-dense. To prepare this, simply slice open your bagel, smear one end with mustard and the other with low-fat mayonnaise and then slap some slices of turkey breast on that layer, then top it off with tomatoes and sliced cucumbers.

Salmon salad pita

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Salmon contains one of the proteins you should get while building muscles. It is also rich in high-quality amino-acid and provides the body with a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which boosts insulin sensitivity. Open a can of salmon, remove the skin and bones, add half of an avocado(mashed), some sliced green onions, and little lemon juice. Once the mixture is formed, scoop it into a pita and add some spinach and/or cherry tomatoes. Substituting mayonnaise with mashed avocado gives you a much healthier dietary fat profile and will keep your testosterone levels high, which is essential for body-building.

Bowl of loaded Oatmeal

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Oats are excellent sources of muscle-building carbs. Uncooked or raw oats are high in complex carbs, low in sugar, and provides the body with little protein. To make this meal balanced, pour half a cup of oats into your bowl, mix it with half a cup of milk along with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Add a spoonful or two of natural peanut butter and a handful of dried cranberries with chopped almonds or walnuts. This is one of the very delicious bodybuilding snacks that wouldn’t take much room in your stomach, thereby reducing the chances of feeling bloated and sluggish.

Trail mix

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 Another idea is homemade trail mix. Although you can purchase this from the store, store-bought are high in additives and loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats. It is more preferable to prepare your own. To do this, mix together two cups of whole wheat cereal squares along with a bar of dark chocolate, broken into bits. Add a cup or handful of raisins and a handful of walnut, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts. No need for dressings. This treat provides you with lots of fiber, calories, carbs, and vitamins.

Supercharged smoothie

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Another of the best bodybuilding snacks to boost your calorie intake are smoothies. Smoothies are bodybuilders’ best friend. Smoothies are very excellent as they are easy to prepare and, using the right ingredients, can pack lots of calories. Another advantage of this is that your body doesn’t register liquid calories like it does with solids, so this snack will hardly put a dent in your hunger. To make your supercharged smoothie, you’ll start with the basic protein powder along with some fresh or frozen fruits. However, you might consider adding some diced avocado or nut butter, which brings healthy fats into the picture. You can also consider substituting the milk with coconut milk. Slap in some ground oats to add a touch of complex carbohydrates. This will boost all necessary requirements of the body and will also strengthen your immune system.


There you have it. The shortlist above is sure to assist you throughout your body-building journey. Try to incorporate these bodybuiding snacks into your daily routine and prepare yourself for an incredible new body.